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Penile and scrotal problems

  • Penile and scrotal problems can include a tight foreskin, problems with erections, or a bend in the erection and lesions on the penis. Some men find these problems embarrassing but in most cases simple reassurance can be given.

    A thorough consultation is provided and any tests needed will be undertaken. Surgery for some conditions may be appropriate and this will be discussed with you.

    Penile lesions and cancer
    Penile lesions can be simple, such as those due to thrush. Others can be due to inflammation, scarring, warts, sexually transmitted infection or rarely cancer. In some cases the diagnosis is easily made on clinical examination and treatment can be initiated. In other cases a biopsy may be needed after which the correct treatment can be discussed and initiated. A diagnostic service as well as treatment is offered. In particular treatment of early and late penile cancer can be administered. Sentinel node biopsy for penile cancer is a treatment/diagnosis that is being developed.

    Scrotal problems
    Pain, lumps and swellings may occur in the skin of the scrotum or inside the scrotal sac itself. If in the scrotal sac it can sometimes mean that you have a problem with the testicles. At your consultation it is ensured that a thorough examination is undertaken of the area and if needed a scan is organised. Depending on the cause the appropriate treatment is discussed with you, this may be painkillers, antibiotics, observation or in some cases surgery.

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