Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

  • An abdominoplasty aims to flatten your stomach by tightening your abdominal muscles, and is often combined with liposuction.

    This procedure can be very effective but it should not be considered as a way of losing weight. It is better to have an abdominoplasty only after you have achieved your target weight.

    What happens during the procedure?

    The operation is performed under general anaesthetic, which means you will be asleep throughout. Incisions are made across the lower abdomen and around the navel. Excess skin and fat may be removed, while stretched or torn muscles are pulled together and stitched in place. The remaining skin is then pulled down and stitched, with a new hole made for your naval/ belly button.

    After your operation

    You will stay in hospital, usually for one or two nights. You will then need to take time off work so that you can recover at home. If you maintain a healthy weight, your skin shouldn’t stretch again and your new shape will last.

    Understanding what can be achieved

    As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important that you review your expectations thoroughly before you decide to proceed. Having your surgery at Spire Manchester Hospital means that you will be seen by an experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon who will discuss your options and the best course of treatment for you.

    What about scarring?

    You will be left with a scar around your navel and along the top of your bikini line, though this can usually be hidden by your underwear.

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