Stress echocardiogram

Spire Liverpool Hospital has a number of highly experienced consultant surgeons who perform a range of procedures each year at the hospital, including stress echocardiogram.

You can be assured of having experienced nursing staff on hand after surgery in clean and safe facilities. The surgeon you meet for your consultation will perform your surgery and follow up on your care.

A stress echocardiogram is a type of cardiac ultrasound scan, used to monitor your heart during exercise. The test will help your doctor to assess the response of your heart to stress and detect any effects of coronary or valve disease on the pumping action of the heart.

What's involved in having a stress echocardiogram?

The stress echocardiogram procedure usually takes about an hour to complete. Electrodes will be attached to your chest and a blood pressure cuff attached to your arm to monitor your heart and blood pressure throughout the procedure.

Your consultant will first obtain ultrasound pictures of your heart while you are at rest, and then you will be required to walk on a treadmill. Immediately after you stop exercise, more ultrasound pictures will be taken of your heart. Patients who cannot exercise may be given a medication to increase their heart rate instead of walking on the treadmill.

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Stress echocardiogram is offered by the following consultant surgeons at Spire Liverpool Hospital:

Dr Dhiraj Gupta
Dr David Justin Wright
Dr Abdullah Mohammed

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