Spire Liverpool Hospital provides an integrated range of modern private health care services, offering you high standards of care and attention. This is reflected in the expertise and treatment provided by our physiotherapy department in Liverpool.

Our physiotherapy department at Spire Liverpool regularly treats athletes of all abilities and ages. With a team of chartered physiotherapists, we are able to offer an accessible and affordable service.

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Physiotherapy Liverpool Spire Hospital

At Spire Healthcare hospitals our physiotherapy patients have their musculo-skeletal conditions treated using the latest physio techniques and equipment. Our physiotherapists utilise up to date research to ensure best clinical practice and work in close liaison with consultants and GPs. This ensures that patients receive a highly focused course of treatment to suit their individual needs.

We aim to provide the best treatment and advice in order to help return you to normal fitness as soon as possible. The earlier you request an assessment for an injury or musculo-skeletal problem and receive appropriate treatment, the faster we will be able to help you resume your daily activities and sports.

Do I require a referral letter from my GP?

  • For self-funding patients no referral letter is necessary
  • Insured Patients do require a referral letter to be provided by your GP or consultant prior to your appointment being made

What happens at a physiotherapy appointment?

  • A detailed history will be taken, followed by a thorough assessment of your condition
  • You will receive expert advice and treatment and we will provide you with a personal recovery programme tailored to your needs
  • With your permission our physiotherapists will liaise with your GP and provide a detailed discharge summary at the end of your treatment
  • Our physiotherapists can also refer you to a consultant who can arrange diagnostic tests if necessary including X-ray, CT and MRI scanning.

To make a physiotherapy appointment simply call your local Spire hospital or complete the form on the right-hand side of this page.

What kind of problems can our physiotherapists help with?

The management of all musculoskeletal conditions
Sports injuries
Cervical spine (neck)
Thoracic spine (mid back)
Lumbar spine (lower back)
Muscle strains/tears
Ligament sprains 

Post operative orthopaedic surgery
Post operative spinal surgery
Post operative gynaecological surgery
TMJ (jaw problems)
Balance dysfunction/vertigo
Repetitive strain injury

Treatments our physiotherapists offer

Continence care
Information and isokinetic testing for a
safe return to work or sporting activities                     
Postural correction and advice 

Back care
Core stability
Exercise therapy
Manual mobilisation, manipulation and
soft tissue treatments
Rehabilitation and vestibular rehabilitation

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Making a Physiotherapy Appointment at Spire Liverpool Hospital, Merseyside
Physiotherapy Liverpool (Physio) Private Healthcare

Patients may contact the physiotherapy department directly, or be referred by their consultant or GP. If you are claiming on your insurance, a GP's signature may be required on your claim form. We endeavour to offer prompt and convenient appointments.

To make an appointment please call:
0151 522 1863
complete our online enquiry form

Opening Times at our Physiotherapy Department at Spire Liverpool Hospital

We offer a flexible range of convenient appointments from early morning to late evening:

  • Monday - Friday: 8am - 7pm

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