Spire Liverpool Hospital hypnotherapist helps woman to lose weight

Spire Liverpool Hospital hypnotherapist, Russell Hoyles

Spire Liverpool Hospital hypnotherapist Russell Hoyles helped a patient to lose weight after years of trying.

Cris Gallagher has lost more than five stone in just five months after hypontherapy treatment with Russell.

Russell works out of Spire Liverpool Hospital in One Penny Lane, and his approach owes more to 26 years as a mental health practitioner with the NHS and social services than to the kind of hypnosis you might see on stage.

“I don’t hypnotise anyone – they hypnotise themselves,” he explained. “It’s about using the mind, the strongest organ we have.”

Cris says: "Russell helped me to discover why I had put the weight on in the first place and why I had developed such bad habits throughout my adult life and the reasons behind them. Basically, he works from the inside out. Once the inside is dealt with, and he helped me to see myself differently, to value and feel so much better about myself, then the weight loss just seemed to 'happen' all by itself!

"I have heard him say many times during hypnosis that the weight loss would appear effortless, and it definitely did, and continues to do so - I am very much still on, and totally enjoying my journey, without even worrying about the final destination.

"It's as if it doesn't really matter when I'll get there, as whilst on the right path, I feel like a different person and now feel in total control of my life.

"I truly believe it is down to Russell's wealth of experience as a health professional, and the fact that he is not just delivering a script, is what makes his programme so incredibly successful.

"I think another reason the programme works is that I am not on a diet. I can eat whatever I want. The only difference is that if it's not 'healthy' I won't want it!

"I can honestly say that in the last six months I haven't denied myself anything at all. But not a crumb of anything fatty, sweet (apart from fresh fruit) or high carb has passed my lips - simply because I really and truly don't want it.

"Thank goodness that leaflet came through my door!"

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