Juice FM Presenter's breast enlargement experience at Spire Liverpool

May 2011

Read about Leanne, a Juice FM presenter's breast enlargement (augmentation) experience and her new appearance with the help of Spire Liverpool Hospital's Cosmetic Team.

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My Royal Couple

On April 29th while everyone else ooh’ed and ahh’ed at the beautiful royal couple on their wedding day I was focused on my own ‘Royal Pair’.
Yes, I boosted my A cup to a C cup after 11 years of contemplating it! I have saved a few times over the years and always backed out choosing to go on holiday, buy a new settee or put the cash towards my new home.
I have always dreamt of being able to fill even a small bra but to be honest never felt so unhappy that I actually went through with surgery. Why would I when I was in a wonderful relationship, happy with my life and I could put my chicken fillets in my bra and pad out my tops! Like so many women I became a master at this, so much so that only the people I have told about my ‘new royal couple’ have noticed, to everyone else I look the same! Surgery seemed a bit drastic and even after seeing so many of my friends opt for breast augmentation and love the results it just wasn’t for me.

The turning point came when I had my little boy and was lucky enough to experience breast feeding. I will definitely try breastfeeding again if I have another baby but I did notice my tiny boobs disappear once I stopped to return to work. I could no longer disguise my small chest as it had completely vanished. I had no cleavage and my clothes were hanging off my shoulders, that’s when I realised what it is like to REALLY want surgery.
It was no surprise to my mum or husband when I started discussing it with them as we had had these ‘boob job’ chats loads of times, my sister even laughed and said, “Here we go again!” But this time was different. I knew what I wanted. I had researched loads of surgeons based up and down the country and for me Mr Chandrashekar at Spire Liverpool Hospital was the man.

He specialises in and only performs breast surgery. He works with cancer survivors rebuilding their breasts after recovery from a mastectomy in Liverpool and the man is a genius! After a consultation with him I was ready to have the operation as soon as he was.

Home with the twins!

So day 3 I got a bit relaxed with the painkillers! It was bank holiday Monday and the sun was shining but I slept most off the day on and off. If anyone reading this is planning surgery I reckon this was my worst day. On saying that I was still able to make the tea and go to my mum’s - I just felt tired and sore which is to be expected.
Tuesday morning I was home alone and even though it was my first real day off work (I had booked the week like the surgeon suggested) I was bored out of my brains. So I called Adam and told him I would be back 6am Wednesday morning. I booked a taxi as you are not allowed to drive for two weeks and headed to work as planned.
The mornings are the hardest, the new weight on your chest means it’s hard to get into a comfortable position in bed and so I was propped up so high I couldn’t sleep. Plus you feel stiff but once you start moving that wears off.
My friend Kate took a few days off to help me with Joseph as lifting is banned so we drank a million cups of tea and watched CBeebies for hours which was fun and although they still feel quite sensitive each time I look down my top I smile. (I do this every 5 minutes hee hee).

Ibiza here we come!

Well it’s been 4 weeks and I am still modeling these ‘sexy’ sports bra! Popped out to buy some new bras yesterday. It was such an amazing feeling! No padding and chicken fillets in sight! 2 weeks left until I can wear my new underwear and I’m counting the days.
I had a photo shoot for this years Pantomime at The Royal Court and was thrilled to find I still fit into my old Fairy Dress but it looks completely different now. I would guess that I am a small C Cup, well that is what I have been buying hee hee.
I can sleep happily on my side now and I have been driving for two weeks and I am so excited about my summer holiday this year too! All my summer clothes fit me properly now and I have had a sneaky try on of my bikinis. For me it was the right time to do this and I have achieved exactly what I hoped for. Not big boob’s just …boobs! I love that people haven’t noticed and they will be shocked to read this so I had better update my facebook status so my family hear it from me first.
If you are considering surgery remember these are my personal experiences and opinions!

Everybody heals differently so research the good, the bad and the ugly experiences and be sure you are considering cosmetic surgery for all the right reasons.

Leanne Campbell
Liverpool Juice FM presenter

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