Everton legend given new lease of life through surgery

Everton legend Tony Kay, who was previously Britain’s most expensive footballer, has been given a new lease of life following a knee replacement at Spire Liverpool Hospital.

Orthopaedic surgeon Mr John Davidson performed the ex-football player’s full knee replacement at the Bone and Joint Centre based at Spire Liverpool Hospital in January this year, after an extensive sporting career left his knee damaged.

A few years ago, Tony underwent his first knee replacement and although the procedure was a success, the recovery process was slow and painful.

After his second knee replacement at the Bone and Joint Centre, Tony said: “This time, my left knee was replaced and it all seemed to be more proficient and the recovery time was much quicker. The operation itself didn’t seem to be as painful as last time and my recovery was rapid after only spending two days in hospital before I was discharged and allowed home to recover.

“I travelled home to Southport in a Fiat 500, which meant my knee was bent for over an hour, not to mention I live in an upstairs flat with no lift which meant I had to conquer the stairs at the other end. However, to my surprise I didn’t find any problem or discomfort with this!”

Tony was able to drive his car again after just five days of his operation and was back in the gym after six weeks.

“All in all, I feel fantastic and I might even polish up my football boots and volunteer my services to Everton once again! Hopefully, I won’t need any more joints replacing after this but, if I do, Spire’s number is definitely in my little black book!

“I’d like to thank the staff at Spire Liverpool Hospital for their kindness, professionalism and support during my stay."

Mr Kay is now one of many ex-professional footballers who have had their knees or hips replaced by Mr Davidson.

Mr Davidson used a new type of knee replacement called the ATTUNE Knee, which is designed to help improve stability and motion. It combines the latest in design and engineering technologies giving the patient freedom of movement while remaining very stable.

Mr Davison said, “We are always looking for innovative technologies that will improve patient outcome and experience. Using this new type of knee replacement patients are going home quicker and they appear to be getting better results.”

The Bone and Joint Centre is a partnership of senior orthopaedic surgeons based at Spire Liverpool Hospital, who have combined their private practice to provide a comprehensive quality orthopaedic healthcare service to all their patients.

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