Tinnitus Rehabilitation & Free hearing tests

You might not need a hearing aid - a hearing check can be the best way to find out!

Steven Hale Hearing is offering private tinnitus assessments at Spire Little Aston Hospital in Sutton Coldfield, and is also offering free hearing tests.

The professional care offered by Steven Hale Hearing includes:

  • Full range of hearing care services with free lifetime aftercare
  • Full range of hearing aids from leading manufacturers
  • Professional advice and consultations from qualified state registered hearing aid audiologists
  • Free hearing tests by appointment
  • Tinnitus assessment and rehabilitation
  • Full range of accessories including batteries at competitive prices
  • Ample free car parking

There are many types, styles and technologically different hearing aids available privately. The hearing aid audiologist will discuss with you your hearing needs based upon your results. They will consult with you about your lifestyle and which hearing aids best suits your requirements and your budget.

Sometimes the answer to your hearing problem might not be a hearing aid and this will be identified on your assessment. Should this be the case then the hearing aid audiologist will explain their findings and advise about what you can do next.

A tinnitus consultation consists of:

  • Hearing History & Medical Evaluation - This allows us to understand your problems so we can direct you to the right solution, and to ascertain if you need advice from an ENT Consultant
  • Otoscopic Observation - An examination of your outer ear, canal and tympanic membrane (ear drum) with the aid of an otoscope
  • Audiometric Evaluation - A presentation of sounds to determine the minimum decibel levels that you require to just hear different tones
  • Uncomfortable Loudness Level Testing - to determine if your tolerance to loud sounds is reduced, tinnitus sufferers often have a reduced tolerance to loud sounds
  • Tinnitus Pitch Match Testing - to determine a baseline of your specific tinnitus frequency and level
  • Tympanometry - a pressure test, which will determine the correct function of your middle ear
  • Tinnitus Handicap Inventory, or Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire - to give a baseline of your tinnitus, for future reference & comparison
  • Full Explanation of Results - An opportunity for you to understand your tinnitus and how we can help
  • Rehabilitation  - The point at which your needs are matched to the right rehabilitation plan and any devices to help you habituate to your tinnitus

To book a free hearing test or a full tinnitus assessment at Spire Little Aston, please contact Steven Hale Hearing directly on 0121 308 2550.

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