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At Spire Liitle Aston Hospital we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to all our patients - whether they are insured, NHS or paying for their own treatment.

Some of our patients have kindly agreed to share their experience with us.

Bones and joints

Hip Replacement  

Michael Kirkman, Mr Pimpalnerkar hip replacement testimonial

"I just wanted to highlight to you the excellent care I received when I was an inpatient at your hospital last month. I was in for a total hip replacement operation which has gone well to date but I would like you to feedback to the staff concerned my huge appreciation those who looked after me. They were all wonderful and very supportive. This included in particular the Nurses on Wyndley Ward who looked after me during the day and throughout the night, the pre-operative Nurses team who were so helpful after my average glucose test came back a little high, the theatre staff who were so nice and friendly who helped to calm my nerves prior to the operation starting and the very good natured porters and nurses who had the difficult task of moving me off the bed and back when I went for my Xray on 4th February. All these staff were an absolute credit to the hospital and I would be very grateful if you could copy this communication to all the departments concerned.

Thank you."

Bones and joints

Hip Replacement  

Jean Billington, Mr Jain, hip replacement testimonial

"After suffering severe pain in my left knee for about a year, my GP referred me to Sutton Good Hope Hospital for an X-ray, which was followed by an appointment with a knee specialist who thought that my problem was the hip and not the knee.  After a hip X-ray which proved that it was the hip, she referred me for examination by a hip specialist. I saw Mr Jain, Orthopaedic Consultant, who confirmed that my problem was the left hip, and recommended an immediate replacement, because the hip was badly worn.  This surprised me because I had never had any pain in the hip, only in the knee.

I elected to have private treatment at Little Aston and was admitted for surgery on 30 November 2015. Immediately after the operation, I was completely pain-free, and the following day, I was able to walk around my room.

During my stay of three nights, I received excellent care and attention from everyone who was involved, from the ladies who cleaned my room, to Mr. Jain and his team. This made my hospital stay extremely pleasant.

My recovery was swift, and after only two physiotherapy sessions, I am now leading a normal, active life.

To all who are in pain, do seek help straight away, and I thoroughly recommend Little Aston Hospital."

Podiatric surgery

Betty Allington, Mr Tollafield.

"As a keen golfer I have recently struggled with foot pain caused by an arthritic hallux valgus. I was referred to Mr Tollafield who decided, after X-rays, that I needed a replacement joint. My recovery has been rapid and, following expert Physio advice, walking after two weeks and now after almost five weeks have been signed off from Mr Tollafield. I am now pain free and ready to hit the golf course next month. The whole experience under Mr Tollafield’s guidance at Spire Hospital was a pleasant one and I whole heartedly recommend the procedure to anyone with a similar problem."

Bones and joints

Hand and Wrist Surgery

Janet Archer, Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan (Shyam)

"Initial surgery was for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but Mr Shyamalan was concerned with the amount of arthritis in my left hand.

The procedure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was carried out under a local anaesthetic as an outpatient. The care given by both consultant and nurses was excellent, and the problems caused by the syndrome were alleviated. However the pain caused by the arthritis, especially in my thumb and wrist continued to be a problem. After X-ray Mr. Shyamalan suggested that Steroid injections may help the symptoms, which they did for a short time.

After explaining very carefully what he thought was the best course of action, Mr. Shyamalan carried out a Trapezectomy. I was prepared for the fact that I wouldn’t be able to use my hand, although I wasn’t quite prepared for how much I would be incapacitated – showering, dressing, eating were a problem for three or four weeks  Physiotherapy and ice packs helped a lot, as did Ibrobrufin. I think that bruising caused a lot of pain and used Arnica to good effect.

Before surgery, I was not able to drive with any comfort and also my main hobbies of sewing and gardening were very painful and difficult – only able to carry them out for very short periods.

Now, I am 9 weeks post surgery and am back to sewing for short periods without pain. Mr Shyamalan suggested a drove an Automatic car, which I do now and I find it much easier.

I have not yet got very much strength in my hand and wrist, it is gradually improving and is definitely better. Because of the Arthritis I know that further surgery may be necessary, but I have not been given the negative opinion of my GP, which was “What do you expect at your age?”

Mr Shyamalan has throughout the 18 months I have been seeing him, has been very positive and caring. Also he has not treated me as an idiot and has explained all the procedures and possibilities in easily understood words. I will have no hesitation in going back to see him when the needs arise."

Bones and joints

Hand and Wrist Surgery

Kevin Johnson, Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan (Shyam)  

"After injuring my finger playing football, and receiving some treatment in Indonesia, I came to see Mr Shyamalan as I still had a very restricted movement. After a quick diagnosis that there was no break or dislocation, Mr Shyamalan diagnosed tendon damage, issued a steroid injection and prescribed a course of physiotherapy . The difference and improvement in 2 weeks is amazing. Having not been able to play guitar for 6 months I am already able to."


Clear Lens Exchange 

Glynis Webb, Mr Daniel Calladine 

"Had both eyes treated with Clear Lens Exchange replacement lenses over two weeks. The whole experience was excellent- great staff, lovely environment. Mr Calladine was thorough, reassuring and passionate about his work.

I am delighted with my ‘new eyes’- worth every penny and I wish I had done it years ago. My vision has never been so good! I am delighted with the results".

Bones and joints

Hand and Wrist Surgery

Vik Pitsillidis, Mr Kitsis

"I was playing football as part of a group of guys getting together for a 5-a-side after work. Trying to defend a shot on goal, the ball struck my hand and caused a significant amount of pain. Thinking it was something minor because I hadn't fallen on it (it was only a football at the end of the day), and the doctor thinking the same thing, I had just put ice on it and rested. After the swelling had subsided the wrist would click when using it and I had suffered sharp agonising pain when I instinctively reached out and grabbed my youngest daughter (1 at the time) from falling. 6-7 weeks later I still had pain and my wrist had restricted movement, which I then went back to the doctor and was then referred for an x-ray, which then showed I had ruptured my scapholunate ligament.

The care I received was excellent. Mr Kitsis ran through some of the scenarios and options depending on the scenario and clearly explained the next steps. On the day of the surgery, I was visited by Mr Kitsis before the surgery and he went through a few things and agreed I was going to be kept awake whilst the camera was inserted into my wrist to see what the situation is, and then to be put under general anaesthetic for the surgery. The camera revealed that whilst the cartilage was good, the bones had suffered irregular wear and that there were two options - removal of the scaphoid bone and bone fusion or proximal row carpectomy. Given the fact that I like to play bass guitar, Mr Kitsis advised that the Proximal Row Carpectomy procedure would be the better method as I would maintain the flexibility needed. He then advised that general anaesthetic would not be necessary if I was happy to proceed as we were. The anaesthetist sat next to me talking to try and keep me occupied during the surgery. After being stitched up and a cast put on, I was taken to the recovery room where the nurse was ensuring I was OK before being taken back to the room. I was to be kept in overnight and monitored and the nurses would pop in from time to time, ensuring I was taking my pain killers at the correct time and that I was comfortable enough. In the night, unable to sleep, I took a walk down the corridor and the nurses on the night shift offered to make me a hot chocolate to try and help me relax and sleep. In the morning the nurses brought the last dose of pain killers, explained what the next steps were, that I was to be sent home. A date was set for the stitches to be removed and I was given a prescription for additional pain killers. I felt the level of care given was very good and each time things were explained clearly to me. Mr Kitsis was very clear about the procedure, and the pro's and con's for both options.

Emotionally I was upset that the joint was not salvageable without the removal of bones or fusion, but understood the reasons why this was the case. We agreed that I would be kept awake during the investigation procedure with the camera and Mr Kitsis was clear with what he was seeing. I didn't mind being kept awake during the surgery, although it did feel weird knowing surgery was being carried out on my wrist but I was unable to feel anything at all. Others may have opted to be put under general anaesthetic. Recovery was fairly quick. The cast was only on for about 3 weeks before being removed and stitches taken out. A short visit to the physiotherapist later and I had a moulded plastic 'splint' that I was to wear for 3 more weeks before beginning physiotherapy. Recovery was going to be interesting as the physiotherapist had not come across the procedure I had before. She was surprised by some of the strength I had maintained but there was a long way to go to get movement back in. She was determined to get me maximum movement and gave me lots of exercises to do. I also invested in a gyroscopic powerball to aid my recovery. 

Mr Kitsis is pleasantly surprised by how much movement I have managed to get back. Currently I don't have any pain, although I have it in the back of my mind still that I do need to be weary of this. The physiotherapist sold me a wrist protector that has a support on the front to wear when playing sports. I have even played in goal from time to time. I don't tend to play as much football now, but this is due to the lack of opportunities more than anything else.  I have been able to play my Bass guitar and Electric guitar without any issues. My movement is less than my right wrist, but there's not too much in it, not to stop me from doing things anyway."

Cosmetic surgery 


Mrs LL, Mrs Kat 

"I had a mastopexy with a small reduction to lift and reduce my post children and post weight loss rather pendulous breasts.  I wish I had had it done years ago! Mrs Kat listened and understood exactly what I wanted. She was thorough and clear in the initial appointment, explaining carefully what the surgery could achieve and the post op care. Her admin support team were efficient and knowledgeable in their arrangements and follow up. The surgery itself went without a hitch, and the care I received at the Little Aston hospital was first class; the lovely anaesthetist and the nursing staff were friendly, professional and reassuring, nothing was too much trouble. My recovery went smoothly and as planned, and now, three months on, I love my new shape and my age appropriate pert bosom! 

I can't praise Mrs Kat and her team highly enough. Thank you all."

Bones and joints


Jonathon Glover, Mr Socrates Kalogrianitis 

"I started to notice the symptoms almost 20 months ago. I struggled with numbness down my arm, painful   clicking and knocking when moving my arm. I had very limited strength and a restricted range of movement. Unsupported it did not take long for myself to suffer a lot of aching in my shoulder. I initially had several courses of physio to no avail. It was after about 12 months I decided to seek medical/surgical help. 

I saw a specialist sports doctor privately. He recognised the injury from situation it occurred in a rugby match. An initial belief that was confirmed through several scans. I had a rear shoulder stabilisation by the surgeon at Little Aston. I can only praise the detail Mr Socrates Kalogrianitis used when taking me throughout the procedure and what damage had occurred in my shoulder. 

I had total confidence in both him and the team of nurses. The aftercare I received after the operation was first class.
I cannot remember how long the procedure took but recovery in general took three months to be better that before the repair. However to be back to a position to play rugby I still have a few months to do. But the skill of the surgeon and physio department at Little Aston has me safely ahead of schedule.

My advice to people experiencing similar symptoms is to go and see a consultant as soon as possible. It was only after the operation I realised how much constant pain my shoulder was causing. Initially the time in a sling after the operation and length of recovery was daunting. But in the long run it was the best decision I could have made to get it seen to."

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