Are you ski fit?

For some, returning from a skiing holiday is often synonymous with returning with an injury, and it's not surprising when many of us prepare for it in much the same way as a summer break! Yet, the demands on the muscles around the pelvis and knee, are substantial and with no preparation, long-term injuries can easily be picked up.

Consider the preparation that many individuals put into gearing up to take part in a half marathon - it often takes months of training, building muscle strength and cardio-vascular conditioning. Yet, skiing is often seen as much more recreational. The reality is the demands placed on the spine, hips and especially knees can be great.

While the preparation needed for the average ski trip will not require the training programme for a half or full marathon, there are important steps that need to be considered.

For example the most common injuries picked up on the slopes are to the knees. The risk of knee injuries can be reduced by having good quadriceps, gluteal and core muscle control - all of which can become weak, with the majority of people spending at least eight hours a day sat behind an office desk.

As a result, identifying key areas of weakness and preparing your body could help prevent injuries from day one.

At Spire Little Aston Hospital, our specially trained team of sports medicine professionals and physiotherapists are able to assess where risk factors exist and help individuals build strength to reduce the risk of injury. With ski season rapidly approaching, we are working with skiers of all capabilities to identify and correct potential problems.

Our one hour Ski assessment includes:
• A detailed history of your past and present injuries
• A biomechanical assessment which will identify your areas of tightness,
weakness or muscle imbalance
• A personal fitness programme to get you ready for the slopes

What are the benefits of a Ski Assessment?
• To improve skiing/snowboarding strength and endurance for the slopes
• To identify potential links to developing significant knee injuries
• To help prevent muscle fatigue after a hard day skiing/snowboarding

Ski-Fit Assessment - £60

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