"I was told I had cancer at 35- but it was spotted early which probably saved my life"

When dad-of-two Lucas Jones noticed what could have been the first sign of bowel cancer he did what so many people do – he ignored it. Fortunately his wife Caroline was not so ‘laid back’ about it and as soon as she heard of the symptoms she pushed Lucas into an appointment with his GP.

After Lucas, an Operations Manager who lives in Sutton Coldfield, explained that his father had undergone bowel cancer surgery when he was a similar age, he was sent for tests and it was discovered that, at 35-years-old, he had bowel cancer.

Now, two years after surgery to remove the tumour Lucas is fit and well and warning other people to be on the lookout.

“I noticed blood after I had been to the toilet and, for the first couple of times, I just ignored it – definitely not the right thing to do! The faster you get treated the better are your chances of survival.

“If you go to your doctor then push for tests, at first mine thought it was just tear or a bleeding haemorrhoid that was causing the problem and it was then when I told him about my dad also having had bowel cancer,” said Lucas.

“It was that knowledge which, I think, sparked the GP into sending me for tests and in the end probably saved my life.”

Lucas underwent surgery performed at Spire Little Aston Hospital by consultant colorectal surgeon Mr Haney Youssef when the tumour and surrounding glands were removed along with a part of his large intestine.

Mr Youssef explained: “The cancer had been discovered in its early stages so had not had chance to spread. We sent the glands for tests and they were clear so Lucas didn’t even need to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

“This is a good example of how catching the cancer early can result in successful treatment and I would encourage everyone to look out for persistent symptoms and to seek medical advice if they spot anything untoward.”

As for Lucas, he said: “Being told you have cancer at the age of 35 is a very scary thing to happen. Fortunately my cancer was spotted early and my yearly tests have been clear so now I’m getting on with my life and enjoying watching my sons William and Joseph grow up.”

To arrange an appointment with a bowel specialist please call 0121 580 7119.

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