Professor J Peter Lodge

Consultant hepatobiliary and weight loss surgeon

Sandra's story

I was diagnosed with gallstones after suffering months of severe abdominal pain.

Professor Lodge was fantastic, I had complete confidence in him

As well as the pain, I felt awfully sick for much of the time – particularly if I had eaten any fatty foods.

My GP suspected that I had gallstones and he recommended that I see Professor Peter Lodge at Spire Leeds Hospital. Professor Lodge confirmed the diagnosis and said that I would need to have my gallbladder removed. He explained the procedure thoroughly before-hand which gave me confidence going into the operation.

The surgery was performed laparoscopically (keyhole) in October 2011 and I returned home the same day.

I felt a little uncomfortable for a couple of days following the operation but within a week, I felt much better. In fact, my life post-operation has been amazing!

Professor Lodge was fantastic – I had complete confidence in him and he made me feel at ease. I would certainly recommend him to others!

Sandra with her husband on holiday


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