Professor J Peter Lodge

Consultant hepatobiliary and weight loss surgeon

Peter's story

My condition was liver cancer and was very advanced when it was eventually diagnosed on the Isle of Man.

The surgery has not so much changed my life - but given me life

I was tired all the time and could not enjoy food as the size of the tumour meant that I would feel bloated after meals. I could not even drink any liquid after meals as it was pressing on my stomach.

I do not drink a lot of alcohol – just the occasional glass of wine or couple of pints - but I was finding that if I had any alcohol at all, one pint of lager for example, I would feel hung-over the following day.

I was having tests due to my symptoms and was eventually sent for an ultra sound by the consultant on the Island. It then became clear that I had a large mass attached to my liver.

I was referred to a liver specialist in Liverpool, and after a CT scan, he advised me that the tumour was too large and in a too dangerous position for him to operate. He recommended that I see Professor Peter Lodge in Leeds as he might be able to help me.

On going to Leeds, Peter Lodge told me that there was a window of opportunity and that he would operate on the tumour. He performed the surgery in June 2000 – but advised me that smaller tumours might develop after the operation.

The operation was a success and he managed to remove the tumour which I believe weighed about two kilos.

Nine months later small tumours did develop which were identified during a routine scan on the Island. On advising Peter Lodge of the situation I was booked back into Spire Leeds Hospital within a week and the tumours were removed. Since then there has been no reoccurrence of the liver cancer.

Peter Lodge kept a close eye on me over the years and found a small tumour in my lung five years ago. This was found during one of my regular check ups and he arranged for me to see a consultant who specialises in that field and that was also dealt with in Leeds.

My experience under the care of Peter Lodge has been amazing. His friendly attitude has kept me going despite some worrying times, and without him I certainly would not be here today.

He has allowed me to see my two daughters get married and enjoy the birth of my two granddaughters. I am now looking forward to the birth of my third grandchild. None of this would have been possible without Peter Lodge.

The surgery I had has not so much changed my life - but given me my life.


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