Professor J Peter Lodge

Consultant hepatobiliary and weight loss surgeon

Karen’s story

I was always big for my age and I got steadily bigger as I got older.

I have been paragliding and on the rides at Alton Towers since having surgery

Unlike some people with weight issues, I was never unhappy or depressed about my weight. Quite the opposite in fact. I have always been a confident person with a lot of friends and I met my husband when I was a size 30.

Over the years I did try to diet – as I am a chef, I know a lot about nutrition but I ate at the wrong times and nibbled on my children’s meals so whatever I lost, I soon put back on.

My weight started to concern me when I turned 40 and had my son as my hips and knees began to ache.

My mum, who has also struggled with her weight throughout the years, started to have health problems in her late 50’s. She has had multiple joints replaced; she has osteoarthritis and type two diabetes. Whilst I don’t think her weight necessarily caused these problems, it would definitely have had an impact on it.

I began to worry that my health would also decline and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy spending time with my children.

I had a laparoscopic gastric bypass in October 2010. I was in hospital overnight and discharged the following day. Life changed for me initially in the first couple of months as I adjusted to eating much less and then it just became normal – a way of life.

My mindset and even my taste buds have changed as I don’t want to eat sweet foods like chocolate and cake anymore. I want to be healthy – I now go to the gym four times a week as well as to Zumba classes and aqua-aerobics.

I was over 22 stones and I am now roughly 12 stones. I am living life to the full – I have been paragliding with my daughter and I’ve been on all the rides at Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Overall I have had a very positive experience and I can’t say enough about Professor Peter Lodge!

He is wonderful – very unassuming and completely approachable! He shares my love for cooking – I even baked him a cake at Christmas!


Karen after surgery

Karen after weight loss surgery under Professor Peter Lodge

Karen before surgery

Karen before weight loss surgery weighing approximately 22 stones


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