Professor J Peter Lodge

Consultant hepatobiliary and weight loss surgeon

Your consultation with Professor Peter Lodge

Before your consultation, Professor Peter Lodge will have read the referral from your GP/ consultant and will know why you need to see him.

The first consultation is very important as it will give you and Professor Peter Lodge the opportunity to discuss your medical history and the surgical options available to you.

Appointments usually last for approximately 40 minutes. Professor Peter Lodge recognises that the first consultation can often be an anxious time for patients and he will aim to make you as relaxed as possible.

Consultations with Professor Peter Lodge at Spire Leeds Hospital, Roundhay, Leeds

There are several stages to the consultation:

Medical History
Professor Peter Lodge will take a full medical history of your previous and current health problems. He will also ask you for information on:

Your first appointment will last around 40 minutes

* Medication you are taking
* Known allergies
* Smoking history
* Alcohol intake

Physical examination
A clinical examination will be performed by Professor Peter Lodge to help him understand your medical condition and to identify what can be done surgically.

Other investigations
Other investigations such as blood tests and scans may be requested by Professor Peter Lodge. You might be able to have these done on the same day as your consultation or you may need to come back to the hospital on a separate occasion.

Once Professor Peter Lodge has an understanding of your medical condition, he will be able to discuss the treatment options available to you.

The operation will be explained to you in detail. Professor Peter Lodge will discuss:

* Benefits of surgery
* Possible complications and risks
* Expected recovery period

You will be able to ask questions at any stage during the consultation.

Booking your procedure
Professor Peter Lodge will advise you on the most suitable date for your surgery, depending on your medical condition and your individual circumstances.

After the consultation Professor Peter Lodge will write a detailed letter, to both you and your family doctor, explaining what was discussed at consultation.

Once a surgery date has been confirmed, you will be sent an information pack from the hospital with all your admission details.

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Whether you're a privately insured or self-funding patient, you will need a referral letter from your GP or consultant. Ask him/her to refer you to Professor Peter Lodge at Spire Leeds Hospital.

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Professor Peter Lodge undertakes private practice at Spire Leeds Hospital, Roundhay, Leeds.
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