Chemotherapy Centre

Spire Leeds Hospital in Roundhay Leeds officially opened the Chemotherapy Centre in October 2009.

Our centre

Providing the very best care for our patients

The centre comprises six treatment areas; each area is curtained to offer patients individual privacy and has a chemotherapy couch. This informal, open plan space has been designed to help make your experience as relaxing as possible with emphasis on individually tailored care. 

Your treatment

You may receive all elements of your oncology care within the unit, from chemotherapy to supportive therapies and follow-up care. As such, you may be asked to attend the unit for up to 8 hours per session. With this in mind, we have designed the centre to make your stay as comfortable as possible - the seating area provides a welcome opportunity to watch television and DVDs, and you can also browse the internet or simply read with a cup of tea or coffee.

Support & advice

We think that one of the most important parts of cancer care is providing you with the latest information on cancer treatment and the disease. With this in mind, we have a range of literature which we can give to you.

A phone line is available for you, your carers and your GP. This phone line will be staffed by experienced oncology nurses offering support and advice.

The unit works closely with the Leeds Cancer Centre at the Bexley Wing, St James Hospital, Leeds and is involved in the local cancer network. This ensures standards of care are always based on the most current national guidance.

Exemplary clinical care goes hand in hand with the need to consider your psychological and social wellbeing. Through establishing links with the Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre at St James Hospital, Leeds and the Breast Cancer Haven in Leeds, we will be able to offer a wide range of supportive care options for both your and your family.

Your referral journey

  • If you experience untoward symptoms, contact your GP
  • Your GP can refer you to one of our hospital Consultants
  • Your consultant will carry out a series of investigations to identify the cause of your symptoms, and may include physical examination, blood tests and biopsies
  • If cancer is detected, you will be referred to one of our oncologists
  • Your oncologist will then refer you for treatment at the unit (if appropriate), which may include one or a combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery

Scalp Cooling

Spire Leeds Hospital offers scalp cooling. Hair loss, or alopecia, is a known side effect of some chemotherapy drugs. Scalp cooling can be used in certain circumstances to prevent or ease hair loss during treatment. It involves the use of a refrigerated scalp cooling system, which is applied to the head during chemotherapy and works by reducing the amount of blood flow to the scalp, therefore reducing the quantity of chemotherapy that reaches the hair follicles, preventing hair loss.

Funding treatment

Most medical insurers will cover the cost of treatment; however, if you don’t have private medical insurance, you can self-fund your treatment. Pre-authorisation from your insurer is necessary prior to treatment being commenced.

For more information on the Chemotherapy Centre, contact 0113 218 5950 or 0113 218 5658 or email

Highly trained specialist nurses supporting you throughout

Experienced chemotherapy nurses looking after you throughout your treatment


Spire Leeds Hospital has a dedicated team of experienced chemotherapy nurses that support our patients throughout their treatment journey.

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Chemotherapy centre


 Treatment area
Oncology treatment area at Spire Leeds, private hospital, Roundhay, Yorkshire

Consulting room

Oncology consulting room at Spire Leeds, private hospital, Roundhay, Yorkshire


Oncology bathroom at Spire Leeds, private hospital, Roundhay, Yorkshire

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