Leeds-Kuff Patch™ for rotator cuff repair

A new treatment for large tears in the rotator cuff using the latest Leeds-Kuff Patch™ is available at Spire Leeds Hospital.

The Leeds-Kuff Patch™ offers a new treatment option for large tears in the rotator cuff

What is the rotator cuff?

There are four tendons that are involved in movement of the shoulder. These tendons are collectively called the rotator cuff. They are attached to the shoulder blade at one end and to the top of the humerus (upper arm) at the other end. They pass through a narrow space just before attaching to the top of the humerus. This space can become increasingly narrow over time due to either formation of a bony spike of bone or thickening of a ligament. This causes increased pressure on the rotator cuff tendons, initially the tendons become inflamed and painful, but if the pressure is not relieved the tendons can become damaged and ultimately they can tear.

Most rotator cuff tears are caused by aging or repetitive overhead arm movement such as painting and decorating, swimming or weightlifting. Symptoms include significant pain particularly at night, loss of arm movement above shoulder height, and muscle weakness.Small tears can usually be treated by either arthroscopic repair or repair through a small incision.

Large or massive tears are more difficult to operate on and frequently have poor rates of healing. 

Leeds-Kuff Patch™

The shoulder patch offers a new treatment option for larger tears in the rotator cuff. Early reports indicate the patch isLeeds-Kuff Patch™ particularly successful in patients where no other repair can be achieved or the alternative treatments might give a poor outcome.

Made from knitted polyester fabric, the shoulder patch comes in three sizes from 3cm to 5cm. It has been approved for use in the UK and Europe and works by providing a scaffold to support the muscles of the rotator cuff.

The procedure

A standard rotator cuff repair is performed – which involves reattaching the torn tendon to the bone. The fabric patch is then stitched in place over the rotator cuff.

Leeds-Kuff Patch™

Once inserted it holds the repaired tendons in place, alleviating pain and restoring movement. The patient’s own tissue grows around the patch and helps to prevent further tears.The procedure takes approximately 40 minutes to perform.

How effective is the Leeds-Kuff Patch™?

The Leeds-Kuff Patch™ is currently part of a clinical trial at Leeds Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit.

Approximately 50 patients have had the fabric patch since the launch of the trial in January 2013. 

Availability of Leeds-Kuff Patch™ at Spire Leeds Hospital

This procedure is covered by most private health insurers. Please contact your provider directly to confirm whether or not this procedure would be covered by your policy. Leeds-Kuff Patch™ is also available at Spire Leeds Hospital on a self-pay basis.

For more information on costs or to book an appointment please call Spire Leeds Hospital on 0113 218 5967/77 or email info@spireleeds.com 

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