Jacqueline Lythgoe - Scrub Nurse

Jacqueline Lythgoe talks about being a Scrub Nurse at Spire Manchester Hospital.

I’m really glad I came here rather than anywhere else
Jacqueline Lythgoe

“I have worked at Spire Manchester Hospital for 6 months now. Before I joined Spire I had been a Theatre Nurse in Saudi Arabia, and before that I worked in the NHS.

"Before I joined Spire I knew a little about the UK private sector but not that much. I had preconceptions about what it would be like to work in a private hospital. I thought you wouldn’t get any training and the people would be snobby but it’s basically the opposite of that here at Spire. I’ve received lots of training since I’ve been here and there is a focus on continual education. I’ve been able to expand my skills by doing more orthopaedic work than I’d done previously. I was a bit nervous of this at first, but I’ve received a lot of support. The Orthopaedic Leads took time out to show me the different implants and equipment. They helped me feel more confident by staying with me. They are always with you when you need supervision or support, you are never left to flounder.

"Another preconception that I had about the private sector was that you’d need to know everything about everything before you joined, but I’ve not found it’s like that at all here. It’s really easy here to ask for help if you need it, and someone will be happy to teach you what you need to know. The Sisters and my manager are all really approachable, and I feel I’d be able to raise anything with them if I needed to.  Sally is one of the best managers if ever had, her door is always open.

"Most specialities are done here, and I really like doing different things throughout the day. I don’t like being stuck in one place all day so it suits me well here.

"It has a similar kind of atmosphere here to when I worked in the NHS. It’s a brilliant culture here, really friendly. It’s a nice atmosphere throughout the whole hospital. We get on well with the ward staff, and everyone always smiles and says hello in the corridors and in the restaurant at lunchtime.  It’s like a little family hospital. I’m really glad I came here rather than anywhere else."

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