Sports injury treatment

Spire Hartswood Hospital’s physiotherapists can help you avoid and manage sports injuries. We are experts in body movement and understand how muscles and joint work and why injuries occur.

Sports injuries can affect men and women of all ages and abilities. Private physiotherapy offers effective treatment and can help you reduce your risk of future injuries. Sports injuries affect muscles, ligaments and tendons; and certain sports tend to lead to particular problems, for example tennis or swimming can cause shoulder injuries and impact sports and running or football can cause knee and ankle injuries.

Sports injuries can be caused by an incident during the sport but also through inadequate or inappropriate preparation, defective equipment, poor posture and techniques. Playing on after injury, or insufficient rest and rehabilitation post injury can also lead to an increase in recovery time. 

Stretching exercises are useful to increase the length of shortened muscles and should be done routinely as part of your training regime rather than solely before participation in sport.  . Advice on the appropriate stretches for your condition will be given when you visit your physiotherapist.

At Spire Hartswood Hospital in Brentwood, our senior physiotherapists aim to assess and diagnose your problem accurately and offer relief of symptoms and promote healing. They can normally inform you of the mechanisms of the injury and how to prevent further problems. A treatment plan will be devised to take into account your lifestyle, sporting activities and general health.

We have up to date rehabilitation equipment in clean and safe environments and are experts at providing high quality treatment which is clinically proven.

If you have an injury with severe pain, extensive bruising or immediate swelling, seek immediate medical attention.

For minor sprains and strains then apply the ‘PRICE’ protocol:
Protection - taping/strapping to support the area.
Rest - 72 hours from sport, not complete rest.
Ice - 20 minutes, two hourly for 48 hours.
Compression - stretchy bandage to reduce swelling, not too tight.
Elevation - of the injured part above the heart.

If there is no significant improvement in 48 hours then see a chartered physiotherapist.
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