Catherine Wright - Breathe-Implant - titanium nasal implant

Mr George Fayad, consultant ENT (ear, nose and throat) surgeon at Spire Hartswood Hospital, Essex, is the first surgeon in the UK to offer the Breathe-Implant, an innovative nasal implant. Catherine Wright, a dentist at Hutton Village Dental Practice in Brentwood, Essex was one of the first patients to benefit from this procedure. Here is a first-hand account of her experience, written six months after the operation. 

"I have had no sinus problems at all since the implant was placed."
Cate Wright

"Dear Mr Fayad

It is now nearly six months since you placed my Breathe-Implant for me. I thought you may like to know how my Nose and I have been getting along.

Although I had a lot of pain straight after the surgery, I did not need any pain relief thereafter. The bruising was minimal, and I was back at work seven days later. Once the internal nasal packs had dissolved, I could breathe through both nostrils straight away. It was wonderful.

In December I went to South Africa for a holiday. As per usual I took along a big box of Sinutab, as I would always suffer with terrible sinus headaches when I flew. I am delighted to report, that I didn’t even open the box! Also despite the very cold winter and major use of the central heating, I have had no sinus problems at all since the implant was placed.

I am also sleeping so much better, as I think I must have some kind of apnoea, which often used to wake me up.

Aesthetically, my nose has not changed much... if anything, I would say it looks better. It is not so narrow in the nostril area. Also no one has noticed which is always encouraging.

After being told by several surgeons that there was little they could do to provide a permanent solution to my problem, I am over the moon with my result. I have spoken to many people who have exactly the same problem I had ie nasal valve collapse with very limited breathing as a result of previous surgery, I have no hesitation in recommending this fantastic, and simple technique, and I can’t sing your praises enough.

Please feel free to give my details to other sufferers so that I can tell and show them what a difference this has made to my life.

Kindest Regards
Cate Wright"

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Catherine Wright has kindly offered to speak to any other patient considering this procedure at Spire Hartswood Hospital. Contact us on 01277 266 761 if you would like to talk to Catherine.

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