The first in Essex to offer Watsu treatment

Spire Hartswood Hospital is the only place in Essex, and one of very few in the UK, offering Watsu – a form of aquatic therapy popular in the USA and worldwide.

It focuses on stretching and strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, and encouraging relaxation.

Like hydrotherapy, it can be used to manage long-term pain for conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. However, it is also very popular as a form of deep relaxation for those with stress or anxiety (or those who simply enjoy relaxation therapies).

Performed in time with the breath, a treatment consists of calm, rhythmic movements which not only affect superficial and deep tissue anatomy, inner ear and neurological systems but also gently energise and refresh the person – inspiring the natural regeneration of mind, body and spirit.

Physiotherapist Irene Botwright says, “The lightness we feel underwater actually allows us to free spinal vertebrae, rotate joint articulations and elongate muscles in ways not possible on land. It is very good for relieving tension and improving both physical and mental wellbeing.”

Watsu is suitable for most people, even if they can’t swim. Their body is fully supported throughout the treatment, with their head cradled above water at all times.

Irene and fellow therapist Jo Cassidy completed their training with Hilary Austin, the leading Watsu practitioner in the UK.

Watsu’s clinically proven benefits* include:

•    Reduced stress and anxiety
•    Improved breathing and sleep patterns
•    Improved circulation
•    Release of toxins
•    Increased energy
•    Released emotional stress
•    Decreased pain and fatigue
•    Increased range of motion
•    Decreased muscle guarding and tension
•    Increased lymphatic circulation
•    Improved body awareness

Spire Hartswood Hospital is the only private hospital in Essex with its own on-site hydrotherapy pool, used daily to treat patients recovering from injuries, sudden illness such as a stroke, or to manage painful chronic conditions.

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