First Breathe titanium nasal implant for Spire Hartswood Hospital

March 2010

Mr George Fayad, consultant ENT surgeon, performed the first private nose implant at Hartswood in January 2010. He is the first consultant in the UK to offer this procedure.

The nasal valve is the area of the nose which is the smallest part of the nasal airway. The valve corresponds to the crease on each side of the nose, just above the nostril. If you breathe in very hard through one side of the nose, this portion of the nose will tend to collapse inward and will nearly close off the nasal airway. However, in a person with nasal valve collapse (stenosis or narrowing), the valve will close off with minimal effort. Frequently, nasal valve collapse or stenosis will be caused by a prior rhinoplasty (nose job). By making the nose smaller, some of the supporting tissues of the nose may be removed, and lead to collapse of the valve. Nasal valve collapse may also occur in people with a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates. 

About 40% of the population show a movement of their lateral nasal walls upon forced inspiration.  About one third of these patients have significant nasal valve collapse and might benefit from stabilisation of the upper lateral cartilage by Breathe-Implant. The incidence is about 10-12% of the population.

The Cottle Test (outwards pull on the cheeks besides the lower nasal half) will give these patients some improvement of nasal air-flow. Another good test method before surgery is application of Breathe-Right Strips to dilate the lateral nasal walls. If a patient can breathe more easily by using these strips, they are definitively a good candidate for Breathe-Implant.

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