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At Spire Hartswood Hospital we are committed to providing the highest quality private hospital care to our patients from Brentwood, Billericay, Basildon, Upminster, Chelmsford and other parts of Essex. Read what our patients have to say about us.

Bones, joints and spine
Cancer treatment
Cosmetic treatment
Ear, nose and throat

Gastrointestinal treatment
General surgery
Gynaecological treatment
Reconstructive surgery
Urological and prostate disease treatment
Weight loss surgery


Bones, Joints and Spines



Kay - shoulder surgery
"I did nothing for too long and my shoulder froze.  I would see a specialist as soon as possible rather than hope the problem would go away."
Read more about Kay's experience and her surgery



Mr Oliver writes a letter of thanks to Spire Hartswood Hospital and its staff after his hip replacement surgery.
"All the nursing staff displayed a consistently high level of care, kindness and consideration"
Read Mr Oliver's letter


Mr Starr - Hip replacement surgery
"Within a week I felt totally recovered with no pain and I don’t use a walking stick"
Read more about Mr Starr's experience



Mr Wiseman - Partial knee replacment
"My operation has been life-changing"
Read Mr Wiseman's letter to the Matron


Tina - Signature™ knee replacement
"My choice was to be in in the morning and out by the afternoon
Read more about Tina's knee replacement surgery

Anna - ACL reconstruction
"I have been getting back to normal as the strength improves in the muscles around my knee. I feel confident walking now and have begun to be more active again."
Read more about Anna's artifial knee ligament graft

Maureen - personalised knee replacement
"I cannot praise my care more highly."
Read Maureen's letter 


Ken - Knee replacement surgery
"I was treated throughout with the utmost courtesy, care and total professionalism by everyone I came into contact with."
Read the letter from Mr Wrightson thanking our staff and consultant


Jean - Knee x-ray
"From the start, I  was met with nothing but help, kindness and consideration. It is so wonderful to be treated as a human being."
Read Jean's letter about her experience with our team


Mr Hemming - Knee replacement surgery
"The nursing care was the best I have ever experienced" 
Read more of Mr Hemming's letter of thanks


Anthony - Knee replacement surgery
"I cannot fault Hartswood and would recommend anyone to go there and get treated. Your health is worth investing in.”
Read more about Mr Lindfield's experience


Betty - partial knee replacement
"Some people may say that I am ‘back to normal’ but I believe I am better than ‘normal’."
Hear why Betty feels this way


Foot and ankle

Pamela Cottrell had bespoke orthotics made to relieve her painful feet.
"I would go so far as to say they have been revolutionary!"
Read more about Pamela's treatment


Lynne - shock wave therapy (ESWT) to treat foot pain (plantar fasciitis)
"Where everything else had failed, the shock wave treatment dealt with the condition."
Find out more


Tina - Bunion surgery
"Now I can walk without pain"
Read more about Tina Schlosz's bunion surgery.


Mr Morrison - Ankle fusion surgery
"I have no more pain, I am active again, I have my quality of life back."
Read more about Mr Morrison's experience


Dean - Toe joint replacement surgery 
"We were treated with great respect and dignity which was very much appreciated.The staff in your hospital are a credit to you."
Read more about Mr Booty's experince with us.



Jacqueline - Finger joint replacement
"The treatment and service I have received has been first class."
Read Jacqueline's story


Simon - Thumb joint fusion surgery
"I’d definitely recommend Mr Sood and The Hartswood to anybody."
Read Simon's story


Denise - Finger surgery to remove foreign body
“After a few weeks, my finger has healed well and is fully functional"
Read Denise's story

Tracey - Hand surgery (finger fracture)
"I went home later the same day; the speed at which it was all done was great."
Read more about Tracey's experience



Graham - spinal decompression surgery
"Mr Benjamin really was first-class. I’d recommend him to anybody. All the consultants and hospital staff were most supportive."
Find out more here

Dean - Cervical disc replacement for a prolapsed disc in the neck
"I found Mr Vindlacheruvu to be very caring and he explained the process fully and in so much detail that I felt safe in his hands."
Read more about Dean's experience


Claudine - Radiofrequency treatment for back pain
"It worked straight away, I could forget I ever had it done."
Read more about Claudine's treatment


Shaun - microdiscectomy - spinal surgery for disc prolapse
"The surgery gave me my life back."
Read about Shaun's experience


Phil - minimally-invasive spinal surgery
"Altogether I have had a wonderful experience at Spire Hartswood and want to thank you for running such a first-class operation.”
Read an extract from Mr Wheeler's letter


Karen - X-stop spinal implant
"The pain was so bad I found it extremely difficult to walk and couldn’t get into any comfortable sitting position. I was living on painkillers." "After just two days, I was walking well again" Discover how surgery changed Karen's everyday life


Susan - Wellex™ spinal implant
"After surgery, I was able to walk well within two days"
Read Susan's story


Cancer treatment

Debbie - Chemotherapy for lymphoma
"I am happy to say that after my sixth chemotherapy session, I have been given the all clear!"
Read Debbie's account of her treatment at The Hartswood 

Cosmetic surgery


Sharon - eyelid and brow lift
"People comment on my ‘nice brown eyes’ again now"
Read Sharon's story 

Marianne - Breast reduction

"I feel great! My shape is completely different, my back pain has gone and I have more self-esteem"
Read Marianne's story 


Pauline - Lower facelift

"I feel so much better now. I’m so glad that I did it. I feel 100% more confident in myself"
Read Pauline's story

Dani - Laser hair reduction
"With Spire you know that the person operating the laser is a nurse, has had all the relevant training and the hospital is regulated by the Care Quality Commission"
Read Dani's story

Maddy - Rhinoplasty (nose re-shaping)
"When I drink fizzy drinks now, I feel the bubbles on my nose! I couldn’t feel anything there before"
Read Maddy's story

Dawn - Anti wrinkle injection treatment
"I feel better about myself now. When you’re at this age and you’re about to go through the menopause, it gives you a boost."
Read Dawn's story


Hayley - Pinnaplasty (ear pinning surgery)
"I happily wear my hair up and can be confident in styling my hair anyway that I like.”
Read Hayley's story



Michelle - Laser hair reduction for folliculitis
"I have not had a single case of folliculitis since starting the treatment... I wish I had gone to The Hartswood earlier"
Read Michelle's story 

Ear, nose and throat

Janice - Physio for vertigo (dizziness)
“It’s been absolutely brilliant. It’s amazing that it’s all been done without drugs!”
Read Janice's story here

Cate - Breathe-Implant titanium nasal implant
"I have had no sinus problems at all since the implant was placed."
Find out more


Dana - Breathe-Implant titanium nasal implant
"Now I can take a deep breath and smell the roses"
Read Dana's story

Matt - Scar-free ear pinning (incision-free pinnaplasty)
“Just four weeks after the operation, Matt’s self-confidence has increased and he’s much happier”
Find out more about this innovative technique


Eye surgery


Terry - Multi focal lens implants
"No longer the need to  buy expensive spectacles and wonder where I left them."
Read more about Terry's experience


Pip - Multi focal lens implants
"On review two weeks later, I had visual acuity of 6/6 part for distance and N5 for near, which meant I didn’t require glasses."
Read more about Pip's experience


Mrs Butter - eye surgery to remove cataracts
"It was so nice to be treated as a person and not as a hospital patient number"
Read an extract from Mrs Butter's letter


Richard - Anti-reflux surgery (Nissen Fundoplication)
"To all intents and purposes from that day to this I have had no acid reflux and no pain – to my mind it was a miracle!"
Read more about Richard's experience 


General surgery

Kieran - Laser hair reduction treatment for pilonidal sinus
"It’s made such a big improvement"
Read Kieran's interview here


Wendy - surgical removal of lump
"The whole experience from start to finish could not be faulted"
Read Wendy's letter to the Hospital Director.



Janet - gynaecological surgery

"I could not have received any better care - absolutely faultless."
Read Janet's story here 

Lesley - Hysterectomy
"The operation went incredibly well and I couldn't believe how well I felt the following day, and indeed every day since."
Read Lesley's letter of thanks here

Brenda - Day case treatment for stress urinary incontinence (SUI)
"It was clean and comfortable and the staff put me at ease. It was a good environment to be in as you had your own bathroom and privacy to recover."
Read more about Brenda's experience

Charlotte - Gynaecology surgery
"I felt the nursing staff were, without a doubt, some of the most professional and caring bunch I have ever met."
Read more from Charlotte's letter

Female patient - gynaecology surgery
"We could not possibly have asked for anything better in the way of medical attention either from the 'No 1' or the entire support team, which I do mean the hospital staff at Hartswood."
Read more of the patient's letter


Day case treatment for stress urinary incontinence (SUI)
 "I couldn’t believe it had been done so quickly and with no after effects! I was able to go home later the same day"
Hear about one patient's experience

Orthopaedic - see Bones, Joints and Spines


Reconstructive surgery

Dionne - DIEP flap breast reconstruction
"I would definitely recommend it. When you come out of hospital, and you put your special bra and your top back on, you can barely see any difference."
Read Dionne's story here 

Spinal - See Bones, Joints and Spines

Urology and Prostate Disease

Peter - HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) for prostate cancer
"Professor Barua could offer me HIFU.... I had a second chance"
Read more about Peter's experience


Mr Colvill writes a letter of thanks to Spire Hartswood Hospital and its team
Read Mr Colvill's letter


Peter - radical nephrectomy (kidney removal) following kidney cancer diagnosis
"Thanks to the speed at which I was diagnosed and treated I only had to undergo surgery and avoided further treatment which was a relief.” Read Peter's story


Michael - Radical prostatectomy (to treat prostate cancer)
"Had I not mentioned it to my GP, then I don’t know when (or even if) my cancer would have been discovered and I could be looking at a very different future"
Read Michael's story


Ian - Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (prostate removal) for prostate cancer
“If I could offer advice to any man it would be to get yourself checked out"
Read Ian's story

David - laparoscopic (keyhole) prostatectomy for prostate cancer
“Mr Bhanot and the team at Spire Hartswood have not only saved my life, they have changed the way I look at life, and I now see things in a different light.”
Read David's story


Victor - laser prostatectomy for enlarged prostate
"I am more than happy with my decision to go ahead with the treatment and my choice in Spire Hartswood Hospital."
Find out more about Victor's laser prostatectomy


Len - laparoscopic prostatectomy
"From the moment I went to Spire Hartswood I was very happy with the hospital overall. The nursing care was brilliant, and the food was a delight." 
Hear why Len chose Spire Hartswood Hospital

Weight loss surgery


Ada - Gastric sleeve surgery
"Only 3 weeks after my surgery I was diabetes free! I no longer need medication for it or have the worry of any health implications caused by diabetes."
Read Ada's story

 Allen - Sleeve gastrectomy surgery
"There are not enough ways in the world to repay Mr Mannur and Claire Price for giving me the chance to change my life".
Read Allen's story


Pamela - Obalon non-surgical gastric balloon
"By the time I had the balloon reoved after 80 days, I had lost 2 stone 8lb - a fantastic result!" Read Pamela's story


Teresa - Gastric band surgery

“You don’t have to give up your love of food if you have a gastric band. My band acts like a little person inside me who tells me when I have had enough" Read Teresa's story

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