Rapid Access Fertility Assessment

Mr Borase has recently set up a rapid access fertility assessment service at Spire Harpenden Hospital

The purpose of the clinic is to help couples who are trying to conceive, same sex couples and single individuals who would just like to know their fertility potential.

Rapid access clinic*

Mr Borase runs a rapid access clinic, where results of blood and semen samples can be analysed as well as scans carried out with results available immediately, giving an opportunity to formulate a care plan in one go.

The rapid access clinic requires some preparation, please see below the steps that need to be taken:

  • Contact Mr Borase’s secretary on 07512 877 546 or email hbsecretary@yahoo.com to register for a questionnaire
  • Arrange for your GP to collect bloods and a semen sample (as required)
  • Once your bloods/semen samples have been taken and your questionnaire is completed, contact Mr Borase's secretary to arrange a consultation with Mr Borase, who will analyse the samples and questionnaire, as well as carrying out a scan, transvaginal ultrasound and a HyCoSy scan which looks at the fallopian tubes (both are part of the same scan)

HyCoSy scans

HyCoSy is also known as a Hysterosalpingo-Contrast-Sonography. It is an internal ultrasound scan that specifically looks at the fallopian tubes, investigating whether they are blocked or not. To be able to see them clearly, air and a foam-like solution are put into the uterus and the scan explores how this fluid flows through the tubes. It also gives an opportunity to make a 3D image of uterus, which helps in diagnosing certain uterine abnormalities.

The results of the HyCoSy are available to patients immediately after the test so further treatment can be discussed.

Mr Borase’s clinics are suitable for heterosexual and same sex couples, as well as individuals.

These clinics take place on Thursday evenings and can be booked by Mr Borase’s secretary by phone 07512 877 546 or email hbsecretary@yahoo.com.

*If you wish to see Mr Borase to carry out the blood tests and semen analysis, it will take two appointments to complete the investigations and formulate a plan.

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