Bones and joints - orthopaedic surgery

Spire Gatwick Park Hospital’s regionally acclaimed orthopaedic service features a team of eminent orthopaedic consultant surgeons who provide a wide range of specialties, providing quick access for patients from Surrey, Sussex and across the South East of England.

We have the latest technology in diagnostic imaging facilities on site including our state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner, CT scanning, X-ray and ultrasound supported by our consultant radiologists for fast patient diagnosis. 

Our team of on-site specialist physiotherapists support our patient recovery and rehabilitation, ensuring first class treatment while aiming for the quickest possible recovery.

Shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist and hand surgery
Our team of expert upper limb consultant surgeons offering treatments for a wide range of conditions including carpal tunnel release,trigger finger release, rotator cuff repair, and shoulder replacement surgery.

Spinal surgery
Our back specialists help patients with problems with numbness, weakness and pain in the back and legs. We can treat patients with disc prolapse/herniation and spinal stenosis. Some of our available procedures include discectomy, spinal decompression and spinal fusion.

Hip Surgery
Spire Gatwick Park Hospital performs hundreds of hip replacements each year. Our surgeons excellent surgical techniques coupled with an innovative post-operative exercise programme led by our physiotherapy team, means that Spire Gatwick Park Hospital continually returns first class health improvement results using the Oxford hip health reported outcome system.

Knee surgery
Our team of leading orthopaedic knee specialists help patients with all aspects of knee surgery, including anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, meniscal repairs and articular cartilage regeneration techniques such as microfracture and autologous chondrocyte (cartilage) implantation.They also perform total and partial knee replacements using new computer assisted surgery technology.

Foot and ankle surgery
Our orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons see patients for all type of foot and ankle problems from simple bunions to complex ankle surgery.

Podiatrists treat a wide variety of foot and lower limb conditions, through nonsurgical and surgical approaches.Our consultants treat bunions, hammer toe, ingrown toe nails, flatfoot, and other foot deformities.

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