Female Fertility Assessment at Spire Gatwick Park

More and more women are choosing to postpone starting a family until later in life. While this often suits modern careers and lifestyles, it also introduces a risk that some women may ignore: trying to have a baby later in life can significantly affect your chance of becoming pregnant.

Make informed decisions about when you might want to start your family

From around the age of 25 your chances of getting pregnant start to decline. By the age of 35 most women are half as fertile as they were at 25 (visit the HFEA website for more information), however the rate at which this happens differs for everybody.

Having a better understanding of your fertility now can help you make informed decisions about how long you may want to wait before starting your family.

Female Fertility Assessment at The Spire Gatwick Park brings together all the information from your medical history, a detailed pelvic scan which includes an antral follicle count and both anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) tests. The results allow our specialists and patients to discuss fertility and treatment issues with greater confidence. You will require two visits to the clinic, approximately two weeks apart, to allow for all the results to be analysed.

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