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This question appeared in The Crawley Observer on Wednesday 20 February 2013, to readers across Surrey and Sussex. The question and answer is below, as it appeared in the newspaper.

Read the response by Mr Khalid Drabu, consultant orthopaedic surgeon:


“I am a 25 year old female. I dance three times a week and lately my hips have bothered me more than ever, always crack during exercise. The pain in my hips started three days ago, along with lower back pain. I am having trouble walking and just now when I knelt over, my legs felt shaky, numb and very weak, what is the problem”? Thanks, Liz.


“Dear Liz, thank you for sharing your concern and I hope my response is of some help.  It is important to be specific about where your “hip” pain is located. Hip pain can sometimes be referred from your back. It may also be caused by soft tissue problems where the pain may be at the top or side of the leg which patient’s often think is where hip pain is located.  A problem with the hip joint will cause pain in the groin, thigh and in the knee. 

In a patient of your age, it is unlikely that you will have arthritis affecting your hip.  The possible diagnoses would be a trochanteric bursitis or a condition known as femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).  It is important to make a clear diagnosis and in order to do this, you should have an MRI scan carried out both of your lower back and your pelvis.  This would pick up what the problem could be.  I would suggest that if your symptoms persist you should seek the advice of your General Practitioner, consider an x-ray and then be referred for more detailed investigations under the appropriate consultant who has a specific interest in such cases. I offer appointments at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital”.

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