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This question appeared in The Crawley Observer on Wednesday, to readers across Surrey and Sussex. The question and answer is below, as it appeared in the newspaper. If you have a question you'd like featured please email it to whatsupdoc@spirehealthcare.com

Read the response by Dr Sandeep Cliff, consultant dermatologist:

Dr Cliff's consultant profile

Dear Doc, I have two moles on my face I am considering having removed, one above my top lip and another on my jaw line They are reasonably large and although I would like them removed, I am also worried about potential scarring looking worse. What are the options for having them removed and would they leave noticeable scars? Thanks. Jane, East Grinstead 

Dr Cliff's response:

Dear Jane 

Firstly it is not uncommon to want to have moles removed from the face either because they catch, look unsightly or have hairs growing out from them. Firstly and most importantly it is important to ensure that they are not sinister moles - this requires the opinion of your GP or a skin specialist - a dermatologist. If the mole is benign (non-cancerous) then it may be removed by removing and closing the wound with stitches this will leave small scar but the mole is unlikely to return, the alternative if it is a raised mole is to shave it off and gently cauterise the base to stop the bleeding this give a good scar but there is a small risk that the mole may recur over time - finally lasers may be used to remove moles which produce a good scar but again there is small risk of recurrence. If the mole is removed it is good practice to send the mole off for analysis to confirm that it is non-cancerous. Finally the major concern for a lot of patients is the hair within the mole - if the mole is shaved off or lasered off then there is a small risk that the hair regrows within the scar and so if the main problem is the hair growth then layering the hairs may be the preferred option. The decision as to which procedure is best for you is obviously down to you but it is important to have a frank discussion with the dermatologist before proceeding  - the price for removal varies depending on the technique used but is in the range of £300 to £600 pounds. The procedures take around 10-20 minutes and healing can take up to 10 days afterwards

I hope that this info has been useful.

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