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What is Enhanced Recovery?

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Enhanced recovery at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

The Enhanced Recovery Programme was pioneered in Denmark. There is now a government initiative to introduce it to all hospitals in the UK. It is a new approach to caring for patients, beginning with the first visit to the GP, time spent in hospital, and through to full recovery and return to normal activities. This means at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital patients are fully prepared both mentally and physically for their joint replacements, and that the operation and post-operative recovery period are safe, seamless and to patients’ best advantage.

We will check that you are in the best possible condition before you come in for your operation so your recovery is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. If you are not then we will work with you and your family doctor to get you as fit as possible before your operation goes ahead.

We will encourage you to start eating, drinking and getting out of bed soon after your operation; this will speed up your recovery and make it less likely that complications will develop.  We will need you to work with us and take an active role in your recovery and rehabilitation to achieve the best results.

The aim of the joint replacement is to improve mobility and achieve pain relief and we know that this is the case for very many patients.

All surgery has risks as well as benefits. The risks of joint replacement include: infection, blood clots, swelling, and pain. There are also risks specific to the joint being replaced; your surgeon will talk to you about these. 

Enhanced recovery aims to minimise these risks, improving your chances of a safe and early discharge from hospital to home or to a place where there is some support for you. You should then continue to improve, hopefully achieving the full benefits of your operation.

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