One-stop breast clinic

Our one-stop clinic allows you to discuss breast concerns and have a check-up with a breast specialist. If you have discovered a lump or are experiencing changes in your breast and want a specialist’s opinion, this clinic allows you to seek professional diagnosis in one appointment.

Many women who attend this clinic will find that there’s nothing wrong; in fact, many breast lumps and changes do not require treatment of any kind.

If there are any concerns, early diagnosis can greatly increases the chance of successful treatment and outcome. The one-stop breast clinic is designed to identify the best possible approach to treatment, which can be planned and actioned quickly.

To access this service, your GP can refer you to our breast clinic, which takes place on Thursday evenings at Spire Murrayfield Hospital. We are usually able to provide appointments within three working days of referral receipt.

At your appointment you will be seen by a consultant breast surgeon who will review your medical history and examine you in the presence of a nurse. If you require further tests, these can also be carried out. Tests can take up to an hour and may include the following:

Digital mammogram

This is a technique for taking breast X-rays to show the detailed structure of breast tissue. It may show early cancers of the breast that are too small to feel.


This is a painless examination of the breast using sound waves instead of X-rays.

Core biopsy

This procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic and involves a small incision being made in the breast so that some tissue can be removed and examined.

Needle biopsy (fine needle aspiration)

This involves passing a thin needle into the breast to withdraw tissue for analysis. We aim to make a diagnosis during your first visit, but a further visit may be required.

Treatment of cysts

If a cyst is present, it is usually possible to drain it in the clinic with excellent results. If a benign (non-cancerous) lump is found, it can be removed under a general anaesthetic and an appointment can be arranged for you to return to the hospital for this surgery before you leave the clinic. 

Our clinic team

Our clinic is led by a multidisciplinary team of consultants and specialist nurses. You will be seen by a consultant who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease. The consultant is supported by a team of clinicians across a range of services, including consultant oncologists, radiologists and pathologists. Our consultant breast surgeons are:

Clinical Nurse Specialist Ellie Bentley is also part of the clinic team. Ellie is a vital link between the consultant specialists and our patients. She provides counselling support and clinical advise as well as coordinating your care.

Test results

A number of your diagnostic results will be available immediately and your consultant will talk through test findings with you and advise you on the next steps.

If tests confirm a diagnosis of breast cancer your consultant will discuss treatment options with our multi-disciplinary team of breast care specialists. If tests results confirm a breast cancer, you have access to our on-site oncology consultants and oncology unit. For more information, visit our oncology website.

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