Hearing problems

Hearing tests (audiograms)

Hearing tests are carried out at Spire Edinburgh Hospitals. Audiograms are used to determine the hearing range of an individual. The test is non-invasive and involves spending approximately 10 minutes sitting in a soundproof booth listening to tomes of different frequencies. The test is carried out by a consultant who will then be able to gauge their hearing range.

This exploratory test has a guide cost of £100-£150. All consultants working in Spire Healthcare hospitals are on the specialist register of the General Medical Council, and have satisfied our stringent eligibility criteria. The ENT consultants for this procedure at Spire Edinburgh Hospitals are:

Onward treatment following your hearing test may identify the need for hearing aids. At spire Murrayfield hospital a range of state of the art hearing aids are available, including bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA).

Bone anchored hearing systems are designed to use your body’s natural ability to transmit sounds through bone. The sound processor picks up sounds, transforms the sounds to vibrations and sends them via the skull bones directly to the inner ear. If you have outer or middle ear problems, by using the Ponto system, the sound signal bypasses these issues. The ear canal remains completely open, providing better conditions for a dry ear. If you have been diagnosed with single-sided deafness, a bone anchored hearing system will pick up sounds on the deaf side and transfer them via bone conduction to your hearing ear. This way your awareness is increased as to what happens on your deaf side and speech understanding becomes easier.

Ponto Plus and Ponto Streamer - better hearing when you need it most Ponto Plus is a strong, advanced bone anchored hearing system , that gives premium sound quality and wireless communication opportunities. With help from the Oticon Medical Streamer the Ponto Plus sound processor can be connected to a variety of devices, e.g. your mobile phone, land line phone, T V or computer. The surgical procedure is simple, reversible and does not expose you to any risk of additional hearing impairment.

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