Sportsman's groin

Spire Edinburgh Hospitals are now able to offer an integrated team approach employing keyhole techniques that are proving to be successful in the management of sportsman's groin.

What is sportsman's groin?

Sportsman’s groin (also known as Gilmore’s Groin, Sportsman’s Hernia, Athletic Pubalgia or Inguinal Disruption) is an injury commonly suffered in kicking sports such as football and rugby, as well as sports that require an individual to maintain a bent forward position such as hockey.

‘Sportsman’s groin’ is thought to occur when the muscles or tendons of the lower abdominal wall are weakened as the result of repeated micro-injuries. This lower part the abdomen is the same region where inguinal hernias occur. However, whereas in inguinal hernias there is sufficient weakening of the abdominal wall to allow a pouch (the hernia) to be evident, in the case of a sportsman’s groin there is no actual ‘hernia’.

This can make sportsman's groin difficult to diagnose and treat because of the interplay between the hip joint, nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments. This means that very similar symptoms can be caused by a variety of different problems. It is therefore essential that expert treatment is obtained, aided by the latest in imaging technology and assisted by specifically designed physiotherapy programmes.

Mr Carlo Benzoni, Consultant General Surgeon

Mr Carlo Benzoni specialises in keyhole surgery for groin hernias and refined his technique in top UK and International centres, including the FIFA centre in Rome. As a former professional footballer and top-level martial artist he has suffered with Sportsman’s groin himself and therefore has a unique and profound understanding of this disabling condition.

Read a testimonial from one of Mr Benzoni's patients

Mr Peter Driscoll, Consultant General Surgeon

Mr Peter Driscoll is the only other surgeon in the UK approved to perform The Lloyd Release Procedure and is now pleased to offer this procedure to appropriate patients at Spire Edinburgh Hospitals. From David Lloyd’s experience with previous patients, 90% can be expected to return to their sport or activity within 4 to 6 weeks.

Read a testimonial from one of Mr Driscoll's patients

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