New treatment for erectile dysfunction

Feburary 2012

A revolutionary treatment that can reverse the causes of erectile dysfunction is now available in the UK. 

Over 50% of mature men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), while transient erectile dysfunction can affect men of all ages. The use of so-called ‘PDE5 Inhibitors’, such as Viagra, brought new hope to men with impotence, however, such pills can only treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and not the cause. What’s more, their effects are short lived and repetitive use is often required. Furthermore, dependence on such drugs may lead to damaged self-esteem in affected men, and can eliminate spontaneity. 

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is reduced blood supply to the penis, which affects 70% of men with ED. This new treatment - ED1000 - treats the cause of vasculogenic ED by using low intensity shockwaves to stimulate growth of new micro blood vessels inside the penile tissues. It is non invasive and pain free with no sedation or anaesthesia required. So far, there are no reported side effects from global trials. 

What’s more, the new treatment appears to provide lasting effects. Research data show that the beneficial results are maintained two years after therapy, with longer term outcomes awaited. More than half of treated men with early ED (who respond to Viagra) require no further use of PDE5 Inhibitors to obtain an erection and return to an enjoyable sex life.

ED1000 treatment was also found to be beneficial for patients who previously did not respond to PDE5 Inhibitors. Following treatment, 70% of these men started to respond to tablets and could abandon other more agressive treatment options, such as injections or vacuum pumps. These results were achieved in men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction or diabetes.

An initial assessment for suitability of this treatment is recommended with a specialist. Welcoming the first machine of its kind in the UK, Consultant Urologist Mr Roland Donat can now delivers the ED1000 treatment at Spire Murrayfield Hospital in Edinburgh. Mr Donat says, “This treatment is a revolution in the management of erectile dysfunction. For the first time we are able to cure some patients with ED rather than treat them symptomatically.” 

The treatment involves 12 visits to the erectile dysfunction out-patient clinic over a nine week period. . 

For further information, speak to your GP and ask for a private referral to Spire Shawfair Park Hospital, Edinburgh, or contact Customer Services on 0131 316 2507 for general enquiries. 

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