ECG monitoring (Incl event and implantable loop recording)

ECG monitoring is similar to a normal electrocardiogram (ECG) except the electrodes are connected to a small recording device, sometimes called a holter monitor, which you will wear on a belt. It measures the heart's electrical activity and rhythm to track changes over a period of time.

What's involved in ECG monitoring?

Several electrodes will be gently stuck onto the skin on your chest. Wires from these will be connected to the holter monitor or recording device which you will wear around your waist. The recorder will either record continuously over a period (such as 24 or 48 hours), or you will be asked to turn it on when certain symptoms are felt.

You will be required to return to the hospital after the period of recording is complete. Your doctor will review the readings of the ECG recorder, which appear as a series of waves.

Loop recording

This is a device that is used to continuously monitor a patient’s heart rhythm. It is particularly useful for patients who have infrequent symptoms of palpitations, dizziness or blackouts that cannot be captured with 24-hour monitors. 

The implantation of the device requires a minor surgical procedure as it is placed under the skin on the left hand side of the chest. The device continually records and stores the patient's heart rhythm. The patient has also been given a device that is placed over the recorder when he has symptoms, the loop recorder will store information about the heart rate at that time. Once a recording is made, the patient will visit the hospital, where his Consultant Cardiologist will review the information from the device to help inform a diagnosis.Picture of loop recorder

Loop recording device implantation & follow up consultation are available at Spire Shawfair Park hospital from £3,600.

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