Struggling with your weight?

Spire Dunedin Hospital, in association with Thames Valley Weight Loss, provides surgical and non-surgical weight loss management.

We offer a tailored approach to people who struggle with their weight, offering advice, treatment and support in the relaxed and comfortable environment at one of Berkshire's leading private hospitals that provides top quality, affordable care with a single point of referral, short waiting times, and with appointment and treatment times to suit you.

Our services are open to everyone whether you have private insurance or are funding treatment yourself. We offer fixed price packages to cover your pre-operative assessments, surgery and support and aftercare.

A multi-disciplinary weight-loss team

Our high quality weight loss service recognises the necessity for a multi-disciplinary approach to weight loss. Our team consists of medical/surgical specialists, a weight loss dietitian, a specialist bariatric nurse, a bariatric clinical psychologist and an endocrinologist.

Robust pre- and post-operative care

For successful, safe, sustained weight loss it is essential that patients are appropriately assessed and managed before their procedure and have regular post-operative follow-up. Bariatric services that do not offer all of this may not be providing optimum care for patients.

For all surgical procedures we provide a comprehensive package of care which includes all pre-operative and assessment consultations, with regular post-operative follow-up from the whole weight loss team.