Jaw cyst removal

Jaw cyst removal surgery is available at Spire Dunedin, Reading, Berkshire.  This private service allows patients to speak to a Dunedin consultant and receive advice and surgery reated to jaw cyst removal, as well as having it performed at Dunedin Hospital.

If you have a jaw cyst, you may have pain and swelling inside your mouth, but often there are no symptoms. You can have a jaw cyst for months or years before you know it's even there. Often jaw cysts are only detected after having a routine dental X-ray.

If left untreated, jaw cysts can grow and weaken your jawbone. This can sometimes result in fracture.

What's involved?

A jaw cyst is an abnormal fluid filled pocket under your jaw bone. 

During jaw cyst removal, an incision is made in the jaw near the cyst. If the cyst is small, it can be removed easily and the space that is left (pocket) is scraped clean. If it is large or has caused damage, the surgeon may also remove tooth roots, whole teeth and/or some jawbone. The removed tissue and fluid is sent to the laboratory to find out what type of cyst it is. 

Jaw cyst removal generally lasts between half an hour and an hour and is usually done as a day case with no overnight stay in hospital required.

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Jaw cyst removal, Reading, Berkshire
To make an appointment or enquiry about private jaw cyst removal at Spire Dunedin, Reading, Berkshire, then please call us on 0118 955 3410, or enquire online now.

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