Rapid Access Lower Limb Clinic

Lead by our Specialist Physiotherapist Jess Pascall and her team of lower limb specialists, this rapid access service runs every Monday morning and Tuesday evening in the Physiotherapy Department at Spire Dunedin Hospital.

Jess has a wealth of expertise in injuries of the lower limb, with a particular interest in the knee alongside foot and biomechanical disorders. 

This service has been designed to accelerate your recovery from injuries such as knee pain, ankle sprains, or foot injury.

If you have recently developed pain or acquired an injury during the past six weeks, this is the ideal time to start your recovery. It is well recognised that by ignoring your symptoms or delaying treatment it can result in injuries becoming chronic and more difficult to treat, often affecting your long term recovery.

How we can help you

During a thirty minute specialist assessment, Jess will use her professional skills and knowledge to provide a diagnosis and suggest ways to promote your recovery. Should a course of Physiotherapy be indicated, Jess and her team will be able to arrange treatment, organise X-Rays, MRI or a Consultant opinion on your behalf. Should your injury require immobilisation with a brace or support, we can also offer this as part of our on-site service.