Post-operative Orthopaedic Conditions

Post-operative Orthopaedic conditions relates to any problem associated with bones, joints or soft tissue, including muscles / tendons or ligaments, in any part of your body that has required surgery.

At Spire Dunedin Physiotherapy Department, we assess and treat patients following many different types of surgery e.g.’ key-hole’ (arthroscopic) surgery, joint replacements, spinal surgery and ligament repair e.g. ACL repairs. Find an expansive list of the type of procedures that can be performed by our surgeons.

Within Physiotherapy we offer a comprehensive assessment of your needs both prior to and following your surgery, ensuring you are supported all the way. We offer advice and treatment on post-operative swelling, pain control and returning your operated joint back to full movement and strength. We can re-educate your gait (walking) with the appropriate walking aid if necessary. Usually a comprehensive exercise programme will be devised, taught and progressed, tailored specifically to you and your stage of rehabilitation.

We work and liaise very closely with our consultants who operate at Spire Dunedin Hospital, which gives our patients an unprecedented level of care.