Specialists in migraine treatment

Migraines are one of the most common causes of primary headache, occurring in 10% - 15% of the UK adult population (source: British Association for the Study of Headache, 2007).

Migraines are usually characterised by a severe pain, throbbing on one or both sides of the head, nausea and sickness, sensitivity to light, noise and smell, and can be made worse by movement. If you have been suffering with migraines for longer than three months, we advise that you contact the Headache and Migraine Clinic at Spire Dunedin Hospital and ask to see one of our consultants who can help you.

At Spire Dunedin Hospital, we are proud to one of the few UK hospitals to provide an injection therapy treatment for the management of migraines.

NICE approved, the use of injection treatment is a treatment alternative for sufferers of this disabling condition. Studies have shown after a cycle of treatment, sufferers reported symptoms to be reduced by up to 50% (Diener HC, Holle D, Dodick D. 2011).