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In our Patient Satisfaction Survey patients said they had trust and confidence in the consultants and nurses looking after them, and that they were treated with compassion and respect.

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Please take a read of the comments and feedback we have had from our patients:

A urine retention patient, Mr Walker, underwent Greenlight Laser treatment to help with his condition. Greenlight Laser treatment uses laser energy to remove enlarged prostate tissue, resulting in an open channel for urine flow-through and a quick return to a life free from enlarged prostate symptoms. It is a great alternative to Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), which is usually used to treat enlarged prostate glands, as well as carrying less risk and side effects.

Following the procedure Mr Walker stayed in hospital overnight and is delighted with the outcome of the procedure.

Find out more about Greenlight Laser treatment and Mr Walker's experience.



It is something that a lot of men suffer with but doctors say it is important that they don’t dry up when it comes to talking about ‘pee problems’.

So when 67-year-old Anthony Rose noticed a slow flow when passing urine he went straight to his GP for medical advice. Now, after having a UroLift system fitted, he is keen to tell ‘men a certain age’ that they don’t have to suffer in silence.

“I can’t believe how well it has worked,” said Anthony, who lives in Lincolnshire. “I would advise anyone suffering from urinary problems to have this operation as soon as they can.”

Following tests carried out by his GP, Anthony was prescribed medication which worked well for almost four years. However, when that started to lose its effect he began to look at surgical options.

“I did a lot of research but, to be honest, I wasn’t convinced by the most commonly used procedure TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) a surgical procedure that involves cutting away a section of the prostate that is pushing against the bladder and urethra (the tube that carries urine to the penis).

“When I came across the UroLlift system I knew that was what I wanted – it meant I would have to ‘go private’ but I worked out the cost of the operation was about the same amount as the average car loses in depreciation in just one year.”

“Once I looked at it that way it was a ‘no-brainer’ really,” he said.

Despite living in Lincolnshire, with wife of 40 years Frances, Anthony’s research led him to Spire Clare Park Hospital in Farnham, Surrey, and to Consultant Urologist Mr Neil Barber. “I was very thorough in my research and, in my opinion, it was time well spent as I don’t think I could have found a better man for the job,” said Anthony.

Mr Barber has been performing UroLift procedures for over three years, and describes it  as ‘a truly groundbreaking treatment’. He said: “Mr Rose was looking for a surgical solution that would improve his symptoms with minimal recovery time and absolutely no detrimental impact on his sex life – in my opinion UroLift can reliably tick all those boxes.  

Up to now, men with BPH have had two options. One is lifelong drug treatment which is less effective than surgery and has possible side effects including sexual dysfunction, dizziness and headaches. The other is cutting away parts of the prostate – a procedure known as TURP - that is really good at relieving the symptoms but has a significant chance of causing problems with sexual functions.

“Following treatment, the norm is that men and their partners are delighted with what usually amounts to a rapid return to normal activity and significant improvement in symptoms.”

“The results,” said Anthony, who works for the Witness Support Service, “were almost immediate. I had an overnight stay in hospital and the day after that my wife was dragging me round the shops before I found myself ‘volunteering’ to mow my son’s lawn.”

“Within a week I had stopped taking the medication and was passing urine as well as before the problem started. I’m also pleased to report that it has had no detrimental effect at all on my sex life.”

Mr Anthony Rose, Lincolnshire 

Mole removal patient 


When the cream her GP had prescribed to treat an irritating patch of eczema failed to work Kirsty Hurst-Worth decided that she would get herself checked out by a dermatologist.

It proved to be a great decision. The irritating rash turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma – a form of skin cancer caused mostly by over-exposure to the sun. But, on top of that, Dr Fiona Antony, a dermatologist at Spire Clare Park in Farnham, also spotted a melanoma on Kirsty’s back.

“I’ll be forever grateful to Dr Antony for that. The mole was reasonably easy to remove but it did give me a major shock; in fact it was terrifying!”

“I have a five year old son and I plan to be around for a long time,” said 44-year-old Kirsty, who lives in West Horsley with her husband Phil and son Otis. “To be suddenly told you have a cancer really does make you stop and think – but at least Dr Antony did spot it; I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn’t met her.”

As a child Kirsty was well protected from the sun by attentive parents who ensured she was always covered in sun cream and wearing a hat.

But, she explains: “As a teenager and young adult I was woefully neglectful – it seems I could have been, quite literally, dying for a tan!”

“Now it is Factor 50 every time and, as for Otis, I always make sure he is well protected from the sun. We spend most time in the shade and if he is in the sun I make sure he is covered by light clothing and a hat whenever possible.”

 “I think I’m more alert to those around me and I am regularly telling friends that they should get moles or blemishes checked out sooner rather than later.”

Kirsty has now had her moles ‘mapped’ and will have them checked annually to track changes. She is also having regular surveillance from Dr Antony in relation to her melanoma that was caught early and successfully excised.

Mrs Kirsty Hurst-Worth


Uro-lift Patient


I recently required an effective and painless procedure to overcome my stop and start flow or urine, combined with a dwindling amount of delivery. I had read a write up of a new procedure outlined in a national paper which seemed to offer all the benefits that I was looking for plus I could go home the same day of the operation.

I made contact with Urology Partners at Spire Clare Park Hospital and spoke to Mr Neil Barber’s secretary Jeanette Sindle, who easily and competently guided me through the necessary arrangements for me to visit Mr Barber to see if I was an acceptable candidate for this operation.

After my first appointment with the very affable Mr Barber, who very soon put me at my ease whilst talking about not the easiest subject in the world. I was taken through the procedure step by step and advised of the benefits that I could look forward to. This procedure was deemed suitable for “my condition” and after various simple tests were carried out on the first initial appointment, within a very short time I arrived at the hospital for my procedure

Hospitals are not my favourite places in the world to visit especially for times when you are an operation. But Spire Clare Park Hospital is a very professionally run hospital, with very good caring staff who make you feel very at ease throughout your stay.

Once I was in my own room making ready for the procedure My Barber came to visit me and reassure me about the operation. Soon after that I found myself waking up in post op! Everybody around me was very helpful and the nursing staff were always on hand to offer assistance to get me back on my feet in my own time.

Very soon I felt more than happy with my condition and with another visit by Mr Barber to make sure he was happy with the outcome of the procedure. He shook my hand and wished me a safe journey back home.  

My recovery was very swift and painless and within 2 to 3 days I had a full recovery with a good flowrate and none of the stopping and starting, all in all a very satisfactory outcome!  

(The above referral is an honest description of my findings and results of my dealings during my time being treated by Mr Barber at the Clare Park Hospital in2014/2015)

With my best regards,

Derek Burgess, West Malling

Breast Reconstruction Patient

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your team.  From my diagnoses of breast cancer in Dec 2013 to now you, your PA's, Ruth Remnant & Ruth O'Connor have become a very important part of my life. 

What I was grateful for was that when I met you, you didn't sugar coat anything from the word go, some people can take that and some can't but I appreciated it .  We didn't know what the future held for me but I felt I was in safe hands. Your work ethic was admirable and everytime I saw you, you were open & honest but in no way pushy.  I have never regretted any of my decisions from having the mastectomy to having delayed reconstruction.  I needed to live without a breast for a while as part of acceptance, this I do not regret but with time I decided to have delayed reconstruction, which has now been completed and I am extremely happy with the outcome, well done you.

As part of this process I was often in contact with your two PA's Christine & Julie.  They never made the conversations awkward, they were always welcoming and extremely helpful and made you feel that you knew them personally. They are a credit to your team and help make a difficult situation a little easier and I would like to say a big thank you to them both.

The other two ladies I met were Ruth Remnant & Ruth O'Connor, They are amazing and I couldn't have got through this without them especially Ruth Remnant who has been the main nurse I've seen.  I felt I could phone at anytime and nothing was too much trouble.  Ruth went through things slowly and clearly and I now feel that I'm not just a patient but a friend.  Thank you so so much to both, couldn't have done this without you.

No ones knows the future and what it holds but with you in my life, a positive attitude and living life to the full I feel I have a brighter future.  Life throws all sorts at you and this was certainly a difficult one but with you all I've come out the other side, focused and grateful.

Best wishes, kind regards & big thanks

Mrs Lesley Pearson, Basingstoke

Hip Replacement Patient

Thank you for giving me a new hip at Clare Park on August 27th. As each day passes by my body is accepting the replacement hip as a natural addition and there is no pain.

For this I thank everyone at Clare Park for providing the care and environment that made this possible. The receptionists for being so welcoming; the secretary for organising my admission and keeping me so well informed; the nursing staff who looked after me so well, keeping me safe and making sure I never felt alone; the caterers for providing fantastic food and drink so timely and much better than I get at home; the anaesthetist who put my to sleep so carefully; the surgeon and his team who gave me a new hip with such precision; the cleaners who were so thorough in their routine; the physiotherapists who started me moving again and everyone else I met during my four day stay.

Such a team performance is highly commendable but the thing that made my stay so special is that you all smiled whilst going about your work. There were times when I closed my eyes and imagined I was on holiday. Thank you all very much.

Mr Michael Wheeler, Alton

 Cosmetic Surgery – Abdominoplasty Patient

After many years of anticipation I finally decided to go ahead with an abdominoplasty. The results are great, I feel more confident and I can fit into clothes that I haven't been able to for years. My consultant Mr Harris and nurse Anne were wonderful. Thank you so much.

Kim Collins, Bordon 

Hospital & Consultant feedbacks

Consultants, nursing, physio, admin and household staff - nothing appeared to be too much trouble for them and all would greet you with a reassuring kind word and warm smile. I know Clare Park is currently undergoing refurbishment, but this was no distraction for the staff, all of whom offered and provided exceptional quality of care.

Mr Alan Pollard, Aldershot 

Being nervous on the day of my op, I was put at ease and everything went smoothly. The staff were wonderful and very caring. I would recommend Clare Park to all of my friends. Thank you.

Mrs Carolyn McCulloch, Farnham

This was my second stay at Clare Park and again I found both the nursing and theatre staff informative, cheerful and comforting.

Mrs C Dunleavy, Woking 

May I take this opportunity to thank Mr Singh, his operating team for their much needed levity during the anxious pre-med period and your lovely supporting medical staff for looking after me so well during my surprisingly short stay during which nothing was too much trouble. Thanks again at all your "Wonderful and Very Professional Medical Staff".

Deyrick Blake, Ash Vale

Everyone was amazingly helpful - even after the op, I can still talk to a nurse who remembers who I am!  Thank you for everything.

Lesley Allum-Jolly, Sevenoaks


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