Epididymal Cysts Removal

Epididymal cysts are swellings containing clear fluid that occur in the epididymis, the sperm-collecting tubes around the top of the testicles. They are generally quite harmless but if they get infected or become painful they can be surgically removed. Spermatoceles, which are small cysts sometimes formed from blocked sperm ducts, are treated in the same way.

During the procedure the patient will receive a general anaesthetic. The surgeon will make a small incision in the scrotum over the cyst, and separate the cyst from the surrounding tissue and remove it. The epididymis and the skin incision are then sewn up using dissolvable stiches. The operation usually takes 15-20 minutes and is routinely carried out as a day-case, with no overnight stay in hospital.  


The patient may experience some discomfort or pain for a week following the procedure. Patients should be able to return to normal daily activities within one or two weeks, have sexual intercourse a week following the operation and can drive as soon as the patient can make an emergency stop without pain, usually after two or three days.

Surgery to treat a hydrocele is commonly performed and generally safe. For most people, the benefits are greater than the disadvantages. However, all surgery does carry an element of risk. Bruising and swelling may be present after the procedure, especially if the cysts are large, and aches and twinges may be felt for weeks to months after the operation. The consultant will discuss in detail the risks of this procedure.