Diagnostic Imaging

Spire Clare Park Hospital we have a range of diagnostic services to support the Orthopaedic and Spinal Centre. Whether your clinician feels that MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT (Computerised Tomography), X-ray or ultrasound would be most suitable to support diagnosis – patients are able to take advantage of quick access to our highly sophisticated technology within a comprehensive hospital setting.

Our diagnostic services include:

  • MRI;
  • CT;
  • X-ray;
  • Ultrasound; and 
  • Nerve conduction tests

At your consultation your consultant may suggest you have further tests to enable them to fully diagnose your condition. This can usually be arranged the same day however, this will be fully discussed with you.

Accessing our diagnostic services

We require a signed referral usually from your consultant, physiotherapists, chiropractors or osteopath, etc. This can be posted or faxed to the radiology department, who will then contact you directly to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to attend.

Self-funding & insured patients

At Spire Clare Park Hospital you can be treated even if you don’t have private medical insurance. With a fixed price agreed in advance you can pay for one-off private treatment when you need it.

Benefits of diagnostic services at Spire Clare Park Hospital

  • little or no waiting times
  • convenient appointments 
  • speedy consultant generated reports
  • professional staff
  • the latest technology
  • pleasant surroundings
  • friendly team
  • refreshments available
  • free parking