Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

A unicompartmental knee replacement is useful for some patients where the arthritis only affects the medial (inside) of the joint.  It is possible in this situation to replace the damaged part of the knee without having to resort to a total knee replacement.

The surgery involves removing a very small thickness of damaged bone from the inside part of the knee.  The artificial replacement fits inside this prepared space and is fixed to the bone with cement.  The procedure is carried out under General Anaesthetic and takes approximately one hour.



Physiotherapy is instigated on the day following surgery. Patients are encouraged to mobilise the knee with a view to climbing stairs by day two, to be followed by discharge on day three.

The physiotherapy regime is continued in an out-patient setting at Clare Park following discharge from hospital.  For most patients, it will take approximately four weeks to be walking, and three months to walk well without pain.