Revision Total Knee Replacement

A revision knee replacement is generally required when the knee replacement components become loose. This can be caused by an infection, which generally occurs within the first couple of years following a knee replacement due to an infection contracted at the time of the original procedure. Another cause can be due to mechanical failure, which tends to occur several years following the original replacement. 

The procedure is generally quite similar to a primary knee replacement, however, there may be a less bone due to the original knee replacement procedure. Metal blocks and stems attach to the main components to compensate for any loss of bone. Patients are usually required to stay in hospital for five or six days. 


Patients will begin their physiotherapy rehabilitation the day following their surgery. Patients will be able to ascend and descend the stairs prior to being discharged. 

After approximately six to eight weeks, patients will be able to walk reasonably. After about six months, most patients will be able to walk well without pain, climb stairs and be capable of a good range of movement.