Patellofemoral Replacement

Patellofemoral replacement is performed for patients suffering with osteoarthritis affecting the back of the kneecap.  These patients generally suffer from pain when crouching, ascending and descending stairs, walking up slopes and getting out of low chairs. 

The procedure usually takes approximately 40 minutes and patients are usually required to stay in hospital for three days. It involves removing a small thickness of the damaged bone from the front of the femur and the back of the patella.  The patellofemoral replacement fits inside the space and is fixed to the bone with cement.   


Patients will be mobilised with the help of a physiotherapist the day following surgery. Patients will be guided to ascend and descend stairs prior to being discharged. They will generally be able to walk reasonably with only one crutch after approximately six weeks. 

After four months, patients should be able to walk without pain, climb stairs and have a good range of movement in their knee.