High Tibial Osteotomy

High tibial osteotomy can be an effective solution for young or middle aged patients with arthritis. Typically, these patients have bowed legs and get more wear out of the articular cartilage on the inside of the knee. Osteotomy is not usually suitable for patients over the age of 60.

The procedure takes place under a general anaesthetic, and patients are usually required to stay on hospital for two days post-operatively. An incision is made over the top of the tibia, the shinbone. The bone is cut almost all the way across using X-ray for guidance. The alignment of the tibia is then carefully adjusted, with the bone being fixed in place with a plate held with screws. The triangular gap which is left, will fill with new bone over the following months.


Patients are usually required to use crutches for the first six weeks until they are able to fully bear their weight. Over the next two years, the osteotomy will unite, decreasing the need of the plate. This can then be removed as a day case procedure.