First IVF baby for Spire Clare Park

On 27 June 2012, Spire Clare Park Hospital was thrilled to announce the birth of their first IVF baby Owen Davies, weighing 7lb 13oz.

In 2011, Spire Clare Park Hospital and consultant gynaecologist Mr Nick Elkington set up a satellite IVF service in partnership with the London Fertility Clinic to offer patients from Surrey and Hampshire initial investigations, consent forms, monitoring of cycles and pregnancy scans at Spire Clare Park Hospital for a more convenient and relaxed environment. This means patients only needed to travel up to London on two occassions for the egg collection  and embryo transfer.

Debbie and Gareth Davies had been trying to conceive for over five years. Following a treatment at Spire Clare Park Hospital and London Fertility Centre under the care of Nick Elkington and Hilary Andrews, they conceived after their first cycle. After Debbie’s very happy pregnancy, Owen was delivered by Mr Elkington at Frimley Park Hospital.

Debbie's experience:

"We had a wonderful experience going through our first and successful IVF treatment at Spire Clare Park Hospital and I was lucky to have a very happy, problem free pregnancy. 

"Mr Elkington and Mrs Hilary Andrews (fertility nurse) were there for us in a professional and personal capacity. We felt so well cared for and we spoke as friends throughout, we could say whatever we wanted, there was never any awkwardness and we always felt at ease, everything is explained in a way everyone understands. The treatment and appointments are clear and they are with you every step of the way. 

"I didn't mind the injections in the tummy which Gareth did for me (I think this really helps the husband to feel involved) they don't hurt at all as the needles are small. 

"We were so lucky to have gone into labor the night before the morning whereby it was Mr Elkingtons 'on duty' day at Frimley Park Hospital so he delivered the baby himself which made it a story from beginning to end - it was just all meant to be! 

"When we visited Spire Clare Park Hospital a couple of weeks later we honestly felt that we were visiting our family to let them see 'their boy' for the first time, it was just amazing. Of course handing Owen to Nick and Hilary for a cuddle felt so natural. We have kept in touch and always will. 

"We are so thankful to everyone at Spire Clare Park. All the hospital staff knew exactly who we were during the process and it was and still is a lovely friendly welcome whenever we visit. 

"Owen is now just about 19 months old now and we can't believe where the time has gone. Owen is now walking confidently and knows what he likes and wants. Owen likes the colour red, his wigwam, colouring in, cuddly toys and his pretend iPhone! Everyone who meets him loves him.

"Owen is a happy contented sweet boy - our little miracle!"