Clare Park Fertility Clinic

Our commitment is to help our patients reach their ultimate goal

Patients who are having difficulty conceiving can either be referred to Spire Clare Park Hospital by their GP or arrange a self-referral to see Mr Elkington (consultant gynaecologist).

At the appointment Mr Elkington will take a detailed history and may perform a physical examination. Common causes of subfertility include ovulation problems, tubal problems, endometriosis, male factor problems and ‘unexplained’ infertility.

Some baseline tests will be organised (if they have not been performed already). These will include female blood tests to investigate hormonal status and to determine if ovulation is occurring. A male semen analysis is arranged. Assessment of the woman’s fallopian tubes can be investigated either by ultrasound (HyCoSy test), X-ray (HSG) or by Laparoscopy and dye test.

Once investigations have been carried out, a couple will be seen for a follow-up appointment to discuss the most appropriate treatment. Often all that is necessary is simple fertility advice and reassurance that a natural conception will occur soon. If treatment is necessary, this may be with medication, surgery or the recommendation of IVF and/or ICSI treatment.