Patient Story: Bilateral Signature™Knee Replacement

"I first became aware of something being wrong with my right knee in March 2010 when it became swollen and painful.  The symptoms seemed to appear following a holiday abroad where I had rested and not taken any exercise. Generally I was used to exercising regularly.

"I was walking as if the operation had been carried out 6 months earlier"
Mrs C

"After several visits to my GP, the problem had not got any better and I had begun to experience similar in my left knee.

"After almost 12 months of visits to my GP, several attempts to syringe my knee(s), a course of physiotherapy but no diagnosis as to what might actually be causing my problems, nor any referral to an orthopedic specialist the symptoms had,  in fact, worsened so I decided to seek a private consultation at the Spire Cheshire Hospital.

"On contacting Spire Cheshire Hospital I was given an appointment with Mr Nikhil Pradhan, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in knee problems. Following his initial examination Mr Pradhan recommended an arthroscopy on both knees. The procedure was undertaken within a week and involved an overnight stay in hospital. I was advised I would need 2-3 weeks off work, after this procedure, but I was back at work in 2 weeks.

"I had a further consultation with Mr Pradhan some 4 weeks later to receive the results of the arthroscopy and to discuss my options. Mr Pradhan advised me that the cartilage had worn away from both knees, the right knee being a little worse than the left. He further advised that the only treatment that would ease the pain I was experiencing was a bilateral knee replacement and he recommended the Signature Knee Replacement.

"Mr Pradhan advised that, although not common to do both knees at the same it would be a good option for me. He told me I was likely to require some 12 weeks off work.  On considering this advise I realized a bilateral would mean only one operation, one recovery period and one absence from employment so I decided it was the best and most sensible option

"I underwent a MRI scan of my knees which was sent to Belgium to make my custom fit jigs. My new Signature knee joint jigs took six weeks to be manufactured and my operation took place within 3 months of the arthroscopy. At my pre op I was introduced to the Physiotherapy team who were to play a key part in my recovery.

"My operation took approx. 4 hours. I required a five night stay in hospital. Physiotherapy was on hand every day to enable me to become mobile enough to go home. The day after the operation the Physio team had me standing up with the help of a zimmer frame and by day five they had me walking up and down the hospital staircase with the aid of the handrail and crutches.

"Once home I followed the physiotherapy programme rigidly, and attended routine physiotherapy out patient appointments, I was able to stop using my crutches within four weeks.  On returning to see Mr. Pradhan, six weeks after my operation, he was pleased to see that I had, in fact, recovered well and in his view that I was walking as if I the operation had been carried out 6 months earlier. Mr. Pradhan was happy with my recovery and cleared me to return to work after seven weeks."

Mrs C, September 2011

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Signature™ alignment guides

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Femoral alignment guide
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Guides are placed on the femur and tibia, the new knee is then positioned to your anatomy.

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