Patient experience - Collagenase injection (Xiapex) a non-surgical treatment for Dupuytren's contracture

Mr Ian Partington has kindly agreed to share his experience of having a Xiapex injection at Spire Cheshire Hospital under the care of Mr Nasir Shah, consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

Mr Shah showed me that my finger was straight again - result!

"For several years I was aware that the ring finger on my left hand was gradually bending into the palm of my hand. I was unable to straighten my finger. My hand started to ache regularly and I would find myself uncontrollably poking my finger in my eye when washing.

"I consulted my GP who diagnosed me with Dupuytren’s Contracture in my hand. He referred me on to a consultant for the surgical treatment of this condition.

"I chose Spire Cheshire Hospital and my consultant was Mr Nasir Shah, consultant orthopaedic surgeon. At my initial consultation Mr Shah asked about my symptoms and why I wanted the treatment. He discussed both surgical and non-surgical options in detail.

"I enquired about the non-surgical treatment (Xiapex), which involves an injection and subsequent manipulation. I decided to opt for the Xiapex injection and my reasons for this choice were:

  • The surgical treatment would involve a general anaesthetic and subsequently would be more painful during the healing process
  • The surgery would leave a scar
  • The surgical recovery period would be significantly longer, potentially reducing my ability to drive
  • The injection seemed to be a relatively straightforward and less complicated process albeit still painful but for a shorter period.

"The injection in my finger and hand took less than five minutes and my hand was swollen after the treatment so I took paracetamol for 24 hours.

"The second appointment was two days later once the Xiapex had done its work. I was given a local anaesthetic and the finger was manipulated. At the end of the treatment Mr Shah showed me that my finger was straight again. Result!

"I started to feel moderate pain as the anaesthetic wore off and needed to take paracetamol tablets for a couple of days.

"I was given a couple of finger exercises to do several times a day which helped to regain full mobility. A week later the physiotherapist made a splint for my hand to wear at night. 

"My finger is straight again with good mobility. I was able to drive again within 24 hours and carry on as normal. I am very satisfied with the outcome.

"I was advised that both treatments would restore mobility to my hand. On balance I am pleased I chose the injection because of the simpler procedure and the quicker recovery period. The worst part was anticipating the treatment but the outcome was definitely worthwhile."

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